The Smart Football Glossary

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5 responses to “The Smart Football Glossary

  1. Mayor

    Thank you, Senator! I did bookmark it, too.


  2. Debby Balcer

    I did. It is easy to understand.


  3. Will (The Other One)

    Very cool. Going to pass this along to the good Senator and other Dawg fans: McGarity gives a not-that-detailed take on the Gurley investigation. Good part: Gurley had representation from the beginning. Bad part: still no clue what beyond Allen’s video of $400 led to the $3,000 total, but it sure looks like B-M went hunting for anything else.


  4. JP

    Hey Senator,
    I hope you will forgive my rant, but my pathetic brainwashed self feels the need to justify the rest of the season. I was at the WLOCP (which I have only missed 3 over the past 21 years) and was just as disappointed as everyone else, but have no doubt I still hate the little lizards. It was a classic theme of one big and bad team overlooking an underdog (forgive the PUN) and we were sent home with our tails b/t our legs. It was probably the most disappointed I have been in MY team in quite a long time, especially considering the CFB playoff implications. Our national title hopes for this year are blown to hell, but man was it fun hearing the hype over the past few weeks, all of the whispers even gave me chills.
    We no longer control our own destiny, which is a luxury we should’ve lost with the south carolina debacle. We are fans of an underachieveing team, and it has been this way for quite sometime. I’m not calling for Richt’s head, nor am I a CMR loyalist. I think he is one of the classiest guys in CFB, and he demands respect (and gets it) wherever he goes, which is deserved. However what happened Saturday is on his shoulders 100%, and he is man enough to tote it.
    But now we must focus on the future, Now is the DAWGS time to play hard and fill a different role. We must serve as a role of grim-reaper, we must take the souls of any teams left and throw them to the wayside. Why?? Because we are the good guys, we do things right and have been punished and beat up on until our cup has runneth over. We must right the road this week against UK and prepare for the return of TG3 on Nov 15 , the game of Good -v- Evil. Auburn stands for everything that is wrong with college football (Gene Chizik playing ineligible guys, pay-for-play Cam, Terry Bowden fake NC, etc.) How bittersweet would it be to knock off auburn, led by a thieving pot-smoking thug from Wilcox County who was deemed unworthy by UGA who now plays for our rival? They are not worthy of playing in the CFB final four and it is our job to make sure that doesn’t happen. And if we’re lucky, we could be rewarded with another Mizzou loss, who still has 3 SEC games remaining (A&M, Tenn, and Ark), none of whom are cupcakes. A loss that could land us in the Dome to knock off another west team and take home an SEC championship????????

    Wow, that last sentence epitomizes why I’m a Dawg fan, turning lemonade into lemons, bad weather into poker games, and wasting time writing this to justify the rest of our season. Heavy sigh………….. But what the hell, I’m a Dawgs fan and everyone likes an underdog!