And if you’re looking for one more area of concern…

… check out something Cory notes.

Kentucky has 16 offensive plays this season of 40+ yards, which is tied for ninth most in the nation. The Wildcat offense has 10 plays of 50+ yards, which ranks tied for sixth nationally, five plays of 60+ yards, which ranks tied for 18th nationally, three plays of 70+ yards, which ranks tied for 12th nationally and one play of 80+ yards, which ranks tied for 20th nationally. UK has 48 offensive plays this season of 20+ yards, which ranks tied for 25th nationally.

I probably don’t need to remind you that Florida’s anemic offense gashed Georgia for five plays of 20+ yards, with three of those going for more than 40.  But I will, anyway.


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16 responses to “And if you’re looking for one more area of concern…

  1. Are we assuming the defense we saw at Florida is the defense we have now?

    I think the defense got hit in the mouth, was getting held, and had to play against only the run for the first time and it messed them up mentally. Theyll correct this and it ain’t the new norm.

    (Please God let me be right)


    • j4k372

      I think we are all hoping that was just a mental let down in Jax. This game really sets up the rest of our season. My concern is they will come in trying too hard, stumble and let Jax creep back into their minds. We are not as good as we showed at Mizzou and we are not as bad as we showed in Jax.


    • Macallanlover

      While I don’t have total trust in a defense that could take 3/4 of a game off like we did last week, I think they show up angry and focused on Saturday. I am concerned about our ability to stop the wildcat, their ability to mix in a passing game (which FU did not do), and break a few long plays, but they do not have our offensive firepower and their defense is weak, especially against the run. I think the Dawgs will try to work in the passing game more than usual tomorrow, not only to take pressure off the run game, but to get Hutson and the receivers some confidence to build on what they did in the 4th Qtr. last week. It will have to be sharp next week against AU where the need for points will be great for both teams. KY has the conference’s leading sacker so our OL will get a test as well.

      UGA wins this game, which could be an entertaining, high scoring contest. The scoring averages for both looks about right for an expected score, I would say UGA 42 KY 27 We may exceed that margin of victory but I don’t see it closer than a TD at the end. Dawgs bounce back and excitement begins to build for Gurley’s return next weekend, at home, against a highly rated team. Just go 1-0 this week guys.


    • So. IL Dawg

      with the UK passing attack, Floyd and Jenkins will have big days. Against UF, they were never a factor.


  2. DugLite

    Gah Bluto!!! Debbie downer with stats.


  3. Spike

    The Senator is full of good news this morning…


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    What’s the status on David Andrews?


  5. If we play like we want it, we win and could blow them out of Lexington. If we don’t, we can officially add “Georgiaing” to the lexicon because we will have let one loss cause another for the 2nd year in a row. By the way, that’s a whole lot worse than Clemsoning.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      That would sting. We could still go 10-2 and enjoy a nice bowl. But losing to 5-7 uSC and 7-4/6-5 UF would be deserving some kind of lexicon.


  6. Gurkha Dawg

    I think we win but am very worried.
    In 2012 we got our ass kicked by SC much worse than by FU this year. In 2012 everybody was saying we would take out our frustrations on Kentucky and the game would be over early. Well, we were lucky to win the game. Hpoe it’s different this year.


  7. I’m telling y’all. Be scared of this UK team. If you go back and watch the 4th quarter of the SC/UK game it’s scary after how bad the run defense was last week. I gather they’d had an injury at QB because for three straight drives they lined up I believe their second string back in the wildcat and just ran it every play down SCs throat. Not even a threat of a pass. Just here’s what we’re gonna do and you can’t stop us.

    I worry about every game too much so who knows. Maybe the Dawgs will whip their asses and start to wipe off some of the stink of the last game.


    • It’s like last week and every competitive game we’ve played this year. It’s all about us. What happens with us will determine the outcome.

      The only game where that won’t be the case is Auburn. And of course, there’s still a lot of truth to it as a key factor, even then. But Auburn is good enough to beat us, even if we play well, without any help from us.

      Same would be true for an SECCG, though that seems a rather unlikely possibility right now.