The game sucked, but the unis were cool.

Every time I see a picture from the Georgia-Florida game, I keep forgetting to post something about how terrific the red and blue jerseys looked together out there.

DONN RODENROTH — For The Telegraph

I know the trend is to trot out trendy new jerseys every other week, but, damn, there’s something to be said for the classic look.  Hope they make that an annual ritual, if for no other reason than so we’ll never have to see anything like 2009’s fake juice again.


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14 responses to “The game sucked, but the unis were cool.

  1. Dog in Fla

    At least we did our part to make sure the colors didn’t clash.


  2. Nashville West

    I disagree Senator. We lost last time both teams wore their home unis and we lost this time. If that’s a tradition we need to change it. Next year I want to see the Dawgs in their traditional road whites administering an old school a$$kicking to the blue reptiles.


  3. Nate Dawg

    Yeah Gary & Vern brought this up. It does look purdy good – but if say we were to go 0-3 with it next yr I’m good with it being over. I can be talked into being superstitious unfortunately.
    Still can’t believe we got beat so bad by a team Richt needs to beat so bad. In what’s a mediocre yr for them.


    • Me neither.

      “The smell of that performance is something [Georgia] fans won’t be able to get out of their clothes for awhile. It was rotten milk and burnt hair poured into a used diaper and left in the sun for a month.”

      (h/t Pat Dooley for the scent of those words after Missouri whipped Boom’s ass)


  4. rusdawg

    I know this may be heresy….but you know what I would love to see at next year’s cocktail party?

    The game is on Halloween. I would love to see us wear black and Florida wear orange.

    How awesome would that be for Halloween? (I know wearing black has not worked out well for us in the past).


    • chris

      No need to excuse your preference for black unis, even though most older UGA alumni have an affliction for black. Uniforms that is. Coincidence, maybe. Let’s Black Out Auburn next week end.

      Apparently, more wifi in the stadium represents the boogie man coming to ransack Sanford stadium. God forbid I want to check another score or to entertain myself in between prolonged TV timoouts. The McDonlads hide-a-burger only goes so far. Better yet, let’s all grace ourselves to the Red Coats coming…

      P.S. I’m not going to sit down as you bitch and moan as a cheer on my Dawgs. If you want to sit and watch the Dawgs, I hear Comcast has a monthly subscription for video communication to televisions.

      Carry on Senator.


  5. RC

    I’m gonna have to disagree, also, Senator. Not a fan. I much prefer the Dogs’ road whites (even over the home reds) in the first place, but two teams wearing home jerseys just doesn’t suit my eye.


  6. SouthGaDawg

    I’m not a fan of alt-uni’s. I was watching MNF and although I’m neither a fan of Colts or the Giants, I loved their traditional look. Also, a couple of weeks ago Oregon wore throwbacks to their 80s-90s uni’s when Rich Brooks was there. They looked great. I’m fine with Georgia staying away from the Power Ranger and Grambling look – Let’s focus more efforts on the play on the field.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Jeebus in a Corvette, Senator….we lost the fucking game…nothing about that game looks good…you been sniffin Cojo’s stash er what?

    We gotta tackle Godzilla 2 today…I don’t think you are ready.

    I like the colors? Man…….


  8. Macallanlover

    Senator, while the uniforms worn Saturday were great together, I think the “home unis” agreement/rule only governs the jerseys being non-white. it would not prevent either ide from tackying up the pants or helmets. I believe FU had the choice of wearing blue or orange on Saturday, we didn’t control that. So while that was pretty cool, it doesn’t guarantee a continuance wouldn’t result in something as horrid as one wearing a monochromatic blue, orange, red, or black action figure look. One would hope good taste would prevent that from ever happening but we are dealing with Florida folks here. Same with helmets, we could trot the black hats back out if someone got a little crazy.

    I think our black jerseys should always be a “home team” option (with silver britches and red hats of course) whether it be Athens, JAX or Atlanta. Would love it once every year, or two. Just please, no black out coordinated or announced in advance to fans. Let the team wear the black when they want, fans can dress in any of the school colors they choose, it isn’t a fashion show, or costume party, that requires folks to look a certain way.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Thread backup….

      Mac, you read the full links on the gambling story?

      If so, is there anything in there that makes you think there might be something to this?


      • Macallanlover

        The $5,500 in upfront money paid by Rabb (allegedly) is curious, especially for a bettor who was nickel and dimer before that. As a bettor, you rarely would go 10+ times your largest previous bet unless there were some extremely compelling reason that you were absolute about. What could give you that confidence? And where did this “backer” come from that had $5,500 in cash? Bettors feel very confident about all their bets when they place them, otherwise why risk it on that chosen game? There are 50+ available games on any given week in CFB with four choices on each (bet either team, and/or the over/under), what made this one so different? And then there is the direct connection to a key player in the game. Lot of circumstantial evidence that says there was something wrong in this case. Doesn’t make it provable unless there is an electronic trail or someone gets squeezed.

        I always thought Johnny Cash had a bag man to take the money for his autographs and feel JW did too. This would be a trusted guy away from the spotlight geographically. Lot of smoke here Scorp……


  9. Mike

    Count me among the fans of both teams wearing traditional home game uniforms every year.