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Georgia-Kentucky game day thoughts: you never know what might happen.

Kentucky’s rushing defense is awful.  Georgia’s rushing offense isn’t.  So there’s that.  Unless Chubb gets hurt.

Both defenses are in the upper half of the conference in defensive passer rating.  But Kentucky’s nickel back is out today with an injury.  So there’s that, expect how often is Georgia going to put the UK defense in nickel situations, especially if everyone is still jumpy about Andrews’ ankle?  (Keep in mind, the ‘Cats are no slouch in the sacks department.  But there appears to be plenty of slouching that’s gone on in the sacks allowed department.)

I could go on, but you get the point – there are plenty of variables in play today.  Georgia’s running game should be the difference, but who the hell knows?

One thing worth mentioning is something I noticed watching the UK-MSU game. Stoops is really good at waiting out the offense on making changes based on the defensive formation and then making last minute changes in response on the defensive side.  I would guess that’s contributed to a few of Kentucky’s 13 interceptions on the season and I hope that’s something Bobo’s drilled Mason on as he makes his pre-snap reads.

Like many, I’ve had a terrible handle on game day predictions this season, and today will probably be no exception.  My heart tells me that the Dawgs are going to come out tight and overreact to last week’s loss by being overly focused on the run game on both sides of the ball, leaving Kentucky with the opportunity to keep things close by daring Georgia to pass and by Towles having a good game.  My head says that probably means the Dawgs will wind up covering the line with ease, instead.  So let’s do the Costanza thing and say that’s what goes down. Besides, that’s really the most Georgia thing that could happen today, right?



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The computers still like ’em, even if we don’t.

ESPN’s Power Football Index still shows Georgia as the SEC East team most likely to make it to Atlanta – and even gives the Dawgs better than a 20% chance of winning the conference.

At this point, nothing would surprise me.


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Who needs autographs when you’ve got FanPay?

In another potential body blow to an already wobbly NCAA amateurism model, John Infante suggests that the next wrinkle in crowdfunding is probably something the organization is powerless to stop.

Ain’t technology grand?


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