The computers still like ’em, even if we don’t.

ESPN’s Power Football Index still shows Georgia as the SEC East team most likely to make it to Atlanta – and even gives the Dawgs better than a 20% chance of winning the conference.

At this point, nothing would surprise me.


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9 responses to “The computers still like ’em, even if we don’t.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    It really doesn’t matter. For the East winner, you’re just setting up your own butt kicking.


  2. reipar

    Is this the same computer model that gave UF a 2.9% chance of beating us?


  3. Brandon (Version 1)

    We need a workmanlike boring victory over UK today like 30-17 or something, someone know one’s going to be too impressed with but reasonably comfortable and we need Auburn to blow the doors off of A&M so much so that all of the talking heads are considering Mississippi State 1A and 1B and discussing how their could be a semifinal or final rematch in the playoffs if they both run the table. We need tender heart pieces about Malzahn’s charity work (if he does any) and other human interest stories on Gameday next week, we need Samantha Ponder doing a special on the proper way to do the war eagle cheer with some East Alabama redneck fans who haven’t missed an Auburn game since 1936 and with tiger striped shoe strings. That will set things up perfectly for an authentic Auburn-Georgia moment.


    • PTC DAWG

      I would like for AU to never win a game myself.


      • Brandon (Version 1)

        I won’t shed any tears if they lose but I’d love to knock them off their pedastal, we’ve done it more than once over the years.


        • Beakerdawg

          I hate auburn


          • PansyTheDawg

            I hate Florida, but I at least respect them as a university. I hate Auburn and have no respect for the team, the university, or anyone I’ve met who has ever attended there, except one random person. Glory, glory to old Georgia and to hell with Auburn!


  4. PansyTheDawg

    I’ve come to see our Bulldogs as the glass cannon of college football (there are probably others). Most years and especially this year, they could beat just about anyone in the country or lose to just about anyone in the country. The same team that lost to South Carolina and Florida could have blown them off the field if they decided to play well and with intensity. I could also easily see them losing to Missuori or Clemson. It just depends on if they decide to play that day. I hope they decide to play today. Go Dawgs!