Drivin’ n’ laughin’

Check out yesterday’s drive chart:

Georgia Drive Summaries
15:00 1 00:11 UK 0 0 0 Touchdown
12:58 1 04:29 UGA 31 10 68 Touchdown
06:48 1 01:51 UGA 9 6 91 Touchdown
09:46 2 03:12 UGA 29 7 71 Touchdown
05:55 2 01:51 UGA 26 6 74 Touchdown
00:16 2 00:16 UGA 35 1 0 End of Half
14:55 3 01:59 UK 36 5 36 Touchdown
07:18 3 05:23 UGA 5 12 95 Touchdown
13:37 4 03:48 UGA 15 8 85 Touchdown
03:22 4 03:22 UGA 44 5 29 End of Game

We may never see its like again. Throw in an 8-8 3rd down conversion ratio, and I don’t know if you want to say it was Georgia’s best offensive showing ever, but it was certainly the most efficient.


UPDATE:  The best way to shore up a shaky punting game is to never have to resort to it.

Georgia had 11 offensive possessions. Nine of them ended in touchdowns. The other two drives concluded with the Bulldogs letting the clock run out at the end of each half.

The Dawgs ran 60 plays from scrimmage — a whopping 21 of them went for 10 yards or more.

In those 60 plays, the Kentucky defense only got Georgia to third down eight times.

The Bulldogs never saw fourth down because they converted first down on all eight of those third-down attempts.

That’s why we never saw a Georgia punter.


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28 responses to “Drivin’ n’ laughin’

  1. Bulldawg165

    I heard Collin Barber was averaging zero net yards per punt yesterday. We gotta step up there if we wanna beat Auburn next Saturday


  2. We did not convert any 4th downs! That will come back to haunt us against Auburn! 🙂


  3. sectionzalum

    Mr. McKenie was, um, efficient.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Remember, Georgia’s offense only has a certain allotment of greatness and we probably just used it all up against Kentucky


  5. Spike

    Wow, just wow..


  6. DawgPhan

    There was a solid stretch though where we looked awful on special teams. just plain awful.


    • Scott

      I don’t think it was a “we” thing…..that was a Quayvon thing. Brain farts on three straight kickoff returns. D, JD.


  7. Dawg Stephen

    63 points, more touchdown passes than incompletions, zero punts.. I blame Bobo…..


  8. Dawg Stephen

    In all being serious.. I have been very ok with what I have seen from Brice Ramsey in his field time this year…….


  9. Brandon

    This is a good way to fix your punting issues… just don’t punt


  10. Cojones

    The best stat to me was the 8-8 3rd downs.

    Anything neg about Hutson should be met with a buncha yowling Dawg fans. He was plum great. Those passes were great and done with no flinching; – they were a joy to watch. And the 81% rate by Hutson was beaten only by the 86% team passing. Brice was in for cleanup and got lucky on the TD bounce into the receiver’s hands for his 5-5 throwing.

    While Conley is great with his timeing and positioning to catch, it was Rumph reaching back and over the head of a defender to get the ball and not go out of bounds during the catch that got my attention. Bennett, Conley and Rumph can carry us to great places while teamed with Hutson. Blazevich is another tall target with good hands, but I couldn’t locate Rome. Is he back or not?

    Dang, we match up well against Aub this week. They not only can be had, they can be had by us.

    Finally the band is back together again. Yea Hutson!


  11. 8.89 yards per point is pretty ridiculously efficient given the fact we scored 63. Pretty incredible performance by the Georgia offense. When you score more TDs than face 3rd downs is crazy.


  12. ScoutDawg

    Most excellent music reference in the title Senator.


  13. How many people are yelling “Fire Richt and Bobo” now? I thought it seemed a little quiet from the cheep seats.


    • Russ

      Well, just to help out those “fans”, I’ve put together a few things to work on from this game:

      We were outscored 24-14 over a period of nearly 20 minutes. By Kentucky!

      Mason only had 13 completions. Got so bad, we had to put in Ramsey, who had a much better completion percentage!

      Punting was non-existent. Come on!

      Marshall didn’t make a single field goal.

      Floyd didn’t have any sacks.

      We didn’t win the turnover battle and had more fumbles lost than Kentucky.

      There. That should give the crowd some red meat.


      • Macallanlover

        Dang right, we sucked in several phases. Several areas to work on, good catch. mason’s own fault, he had 16 tries, just choked on three of them…probably threw short.


      • Macallanlover

        Should have added, while this is Kentucky, it is the same team that had the nation’s #1 rated team down to the end and didn’t convert (understatement) an onside kick, and played FU to OT in the Swamp. A dominant performance would be another understatement, just a much needed, enjoyable experience for all Dawgs.


  14. Fire Mike Bobo. That guy is useless!!