“It is currently a revenue source that is not tapped.”

Clemson’s athletic department isn’t hurting for money, but it never hurts to ponder where the next set of wallets will come from, especially in the new age of autonomy.  After all, who’s better equipped to pay for student-athletes’ full cost of attendance than their fellow students?


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2 responses to ““It is currently a revenue source that is not tapped.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    To articficially inflate its USNews metrics, Clemson already made a sharp increase in its tuition, increased its student / teacher ratio by restricting the number of students in its advanced classes, and admitted to lying on its peer institution assessments.

    Clemson students were already getting a raw deal.

    With the lying and cheating going on up there, Radakovich should feel right at home.


  2. Russ

    This is a great idea. With all the vacancies in student sections around the country, this is the perfect time to make the students pay for athlete benefits.

    Oh, and it will inspire much loyalty after graduation. I’m sure alumni donations will go up after they graduate.