Just no pleasing some people

Man, ESPN, if this is what passes for deep insight these days…

Hutson Mason was never going to be Aaron Murray, but he was supposed to be better than this. He has been efficient (15 touchdowns, three interceptions), but he has also thrown for the 84th fewest yards of any quarterback in the country. Without the threat of a vertical passing game, Georgia’s offense has a low ceiling. Without a stout defense, there is not much to make up for it.

Low ceiling?

I don’t even think I have to shave or get out of my pajamas to rebut that puppy.  Georgia’s scoring at a better clip than all but six teams in the country.  What’s the ceiling like on the other 121?


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    So much space to fill, so few brains. One thing I agree with this gentleman about, Missouri does have fine defensive ends. They were especially effective against Georgia.

    Yo…Noodle, this one’s for you, baby.


  2. dudemankind

    It was the writer’s “case against.” He had to come up with something. My case against would be the tendency of Richt to make numb skull coaching decisions that negate team positives and shift momentum. You know, like trying field goals in a roaring cross wind. The season has to be due at least one more.


    • Hackerdog

      Sure, it was the case against. But is it too much to ask for the case against to make sense? Putting down the top scoring offense in the SEC is pretty dumb. Would he make the same “low ceiling” argument against Auburn? Probably not.

      UGA’s obvious weakness is defense. It’s improved from last year, but Pruitt’s not a miracle worker. He needs depth and time to instill the discipline needed to play good defense in the SEC. Any fool should be able to recognize that.


  3. 247dawg

    Oh like the low ceiling for Alabama’s offense in 2012? They barely threw the ball more than 2014 UGA (42% vs 39%) and had a lower PPG (38.7 vs 43.0). Never heard about that squad being one-dimensional.


  4. Chuck

    I am just glad to know you wear pajamas. 😉


  5. Cojones

    It’s no fun posting after you have lapped up all the good stuff, Scorp. And I love the nickname you gave him. I feel sure he will put some serious heat by air on Aubie’s ass tomorrow. Numbnuts like Scarborough shouldn’t be given license to paste false trash on a player’s rep.


  6. joe

    I watched Tom Luginbill and Matt Millen (Matt you’re better than this!) analyzing Hutson Mason. They kept showing his bad plays against Tenn. and the overthrows at Arky. They didn’t show his good stuff and really good stuff this past weekend. Hey we all need a narrative!


  7. EV

    1) Nick Marshall was ranked #83 in passing yards in 2013
    2) Auburn’s defense gave up more points in 2013 than Georgia is in 2014, yet Auburn went to the BCS Championship in 2013 with a QB throwing for less yards per game, and a defense giving up more pts per game,
    3) and an offense in 2013 scoring less pts per game than Georgia 2014.

    Looks like Georgia has found a BCS Championship Formula.


    • Richard Cockerham

      ^ plus extremely lucky game winning play.


      • EV

        Hutson has won 78% of his starts this year (7-2), and 67% of his games (2-1) versus ranked teams, those are the only stats that truly matter.

        But the writer has a point that defense has had a bunch of bad games (SC/TN/ARK/FL/KY), and that’s true. If we lose, point the finder there, we gave up 38 points in each of the 2 losses.

        K St and M St both held Auburn to less than 24 pts. Do that, and we win. Give up 38 again, and we lose.


  8. EV

    Guess ESPN needs to redo their QBR rankings based on this ESPN writer’s view, because ESPN has Hutson ranked as the No 17 best QB in the nation:


  9. EV

    Wonder if the writer thought Georgia should have won the BCS in 2012 with a No 11 ranked in passing yards QB, and a No 18 ranked scoring defense?

    Didn’t happen. Not a way to win the SEC.


  10. Ty Webb

    “84th fewest yards”??? Doesn’t that equate to about 35th most in the country? That’s just dumb. Go tell an FSU fan they’re ranked the 122nd worst team in the country.


  11. Juan

    If you don’t think Hutson Mason prevents this offense from reaching it’s full potential you’re blind.


    • EV

      Georgia’s running backs in Gurley, Michel, and Chubb and JJ Green. All 4 could start anywhere. You have to be a run 1st team when you have that much talent, it’s the No 1 rb unit in the country according to ESPN’s Phil Steele.

      You also have to consider how you win the SEC, and it sure as hell isn’t passing the damn ball all over the field. Might work in a weaker conference, but won’t fly in the SEC. to win the SEC, you HAVE to be a run 1st team.

      It’s just a decision to only pass it so many times per game, and to run it the rest of the plays. Hutson could be averaging 200+ yards per game, but that would mean 7 less plays a game for Chubb or Gurley.

      Florida didn’t have a vertical threat, but beat Georgia, so in this conference, the ability to run the ball trumps the vertical threat.


      • .Dash

        JJ Green is good, but I don’t think he’d be starting for many SEC teams. But your larger point is so true. It blows my mind looking at the rushing stats for past SEC champs.


        • TheBigT

          JJ Green is a helluva running back. In 2013, he was right there with Todd Gurley in yards per carry, Todd was 5.99, Green was 5.65. To put 5.65 in the SEC into perspective, that’s better than Matt Jones 5.37 Fourette’s 4.84 or Mike Davis’ 5.18 or or TJ Yeldon’s 5.08 or Derrick Henry’s 4.99.


  12. The people at the WWL are just idiots. I don’t know if we’ll win Saturday, but I guarantee it’s going to be a bare knuckle fight. Senator, I think the hitting is going to be like UF ’12.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    Not concerned about our offense.

    Defense needs to play more disciplined to give us a chance to win this one.


  14. Maybe he means we have a low ceiling to improve from where we are now….which is great you know.


  15. Cojones

    I think the idiots did this in concert with others to try and thin the debris field that’s waiting to be considered by the idiot choosing Committee. Does any one feel that this group will get it right? Please speak up before the end of the season when my pedantist’s button gets pushed.

    Can’t wait to go to eight.


  16. Porter Osborne Jr

    The guy is an AU grad. You can’t expect too much from him.


  17. GL

    The only thing I will say in his defense is that while yes we are tops in the conference in scoring, does anyone have great confidence on 3rd and 10 with Hutson? Or if Awbarn somehow slows down our run game that the pass off can pick up the slack? It seems to me it is still a question 9 games into the season.


  18. H. Boots

    Playing devil’s advocate… how’s that lack of a passing game working for us when we need to play from behind?