Now, just go out and do it.

If there’s one huge positive to take away from the defense this year, it’s that at least there’s a united mindset evolving between the staff and the players.  We’re not hearing anything about complicated playbooks.  We’re not getting the sense that the coaches don’t trust the players to execute (which is not the same thing as recognizing the limits of your players’ abilities and scheming accordingly).  While there’s still the occasional outburst of unjustified happy talk, there’s also a refreshing sense that both the players and the coaches are willing to step up and accept responsibility for subpar effort.

No, that doesn’t translate into a shutdown defense.  But you aren’t going to improve if you’re not honest about what you’re doing first.  And you’re not going to get better if everyone isn’t working from the same page.

So I don’t think Damian Swann, who’s shown an impressive improvement in his game this season, is blowing smoke with this comment, as he and his mates prepare for Auburn:

“The Florida State tape ain’t got nothing to do with it. We believe in our coach. Our coach believes in us. As long as we’ve got that connection…we’ll be fine.”


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9 responses to “Now, just go out and do it.

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    I don’t know if a cold one tomorrow morning will be as refreshing as that comment.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Funny you picked a Swann quote, Senator. For those of you, and there appear to be some, who think the former defensive coordinator got something of a bad rap…I got two words for you…Damian…Swann.

    If you think of each game as a class you gotta pass, Florida was a long time ago. Hopefully our students learned and in the Kentucky class there seemed to be some evidence of that.

    If you are willing to accept that Swann’s obvious improvement on the exams comes from a combination of willing student and competent teacher then at the very least, the defense is on the right path.

    As to Saturday night?

    Hell, folks, its Awbun…a series filled with great players, great plays and almost continuous intrigue, anything can happen and nothing would be a complete shock.


  3. Beakerdawg

    Win the turnover battle and we win the game. May the barn burn in eternal hell.


  4. And to all the fans that are gonna be there, go out, wear black, and yell until you lose your voice, but save a little for the 4th quarter.