Freezing my butt, fearing the foot and other game day thoughts

I wish I could say I was totally at ease with the thought of Georgia winning tonight, but I’m not there.  That’s not to say I’m not excited about the game.  It’s got all the makings of a classic barn burner.  I’m still very much convinced we won’t know who wins until the last couple of minutes.

How about some bullet points?

  • Overrated:  weather.  Yeah, it’ll be in the upper thirties come game time, but with little wind.  It won’t be great if you’re a fan, but not too terrible, either.  And as for the players, when you’re running down 900-1000 yards of total offense, you won’t have time to notice the temperature.
  • Underrated:  efficient concession stands.  Wonder what the over/under will be on cups of coffee and hot chocolate sold.
  • Overrated:  turnover margin.  It’s not that it isn’t important – it’s friggin’ huge; Georgia wins if it goes plus-2 – it’s that I doubt it comes into play.  Georgia is plus-13 on the season, but all the gain came in four games. The Dawgs are dead even in the other five.  And I have this painful feeling that Auburn shot its wad in turning the ball over last week against TAMU.
  • Underrated:  Malcolm Mitchell’s reemergence.  For all the focus on the running game, this is big.  Mitchell’s slow return to form means Georgia can commit four legitimate receiving options to the attack when it goes three-wide, with Blazevich at tight end.  That will put real pressure on Auburn’s shaky safeties in the pass game, but will also force them to stay honest.  That should be space for Gurley and Chubb to break out if they can get to the next level on runs.
  • Overrated:  offensive efficiency.  Both teams are going to move the ball.  The offenses are too good and the defenses are too flawed to suspect otherwise.  I don’t think it’s likely to matter too much how many plays it takes to get on the scoreboard.
  • Underrated:  special teams.  Again, with all the attention being paid to the offenses, I think it’s been a little overlooked that Georgia has a real advantage in this one area.  And, yes, it’s a little weird typing that.  That being said, if Auburn pulls off a trick special play that burns Georgia for the third straight game, I shall be pissed.
  • Overrated:  Auburn with an early lead.  If Georgia could come back last year on the road, down by seventeen mid-fourth quarter, being down in the first half shouldn’t be that daunting.  As long as it doesn’t get out of control, that is.
  • Underrated:  Georgia with an early lead.  Auburn, on the other hand, lost both games in which it got down by two touchdowns in the first half.  Nick Marshall doesn’t do must throw the ball that well.

I could go on.  But this is going to be a game where more than anything Mike Bobo and Gus Malzahn will match wits, knowing that they have to cover for their teams’ defensive shortcomings.  Malzahn’s got the bigger rep, but with Duke Williams’ absence and Todd Gurley’s return, Bobo may be the one with more weapons to deploy.

One thing about the intangibles – I do think they favor the home team, but what would really put the cherry on top of the sundae would be Mississippi State beating Alabama today.  That would eliminate Auburn’s chance to win the West and give the Tigers’ psyche one more kick in the groin.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but while I wish this were a game that came down to Georgia controlling field position and turnovers, which has been a winning formula all season, I have this nagging feeling that it’s going to come down to that rather large rabbit’s foot that Malzahn owns.


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48 responses to “Freezing my butt, fearing the foot and other game day thoughts

  1. mwo

    Maybe Malzahn will leave the rabbit”s foot in the locker room and someone will steal it.


  2. Underrated: Hutson Mason’s chance to etch the ole name in the books as a Division winning QB. I’d love nothing more than to see him connect on a few crucial downfield connections in $money$ time.

    Overrated: The importance of 3rd down defense tonight, which has been rather a strong suit of both UGa and Barn. My thinking is with these teams ripping off about 7 yards every play, the winner may well be the D that bends the best without breaking.

    …. as if more fuel was needed, Dawgs even up the series 55-55-8 with the WIN. ‘Sic Em now.


  3. Uglydawg

    I don’t think the cold weather is overrated. A cold football is harder to kick, catch and handle. It get’s slippery. The players, esp the backups, get cold on the sideline. The crowd is hunkered down and isn’t as prone to stand and get rowdy. I hope the Georgia equip manager roughs the ball up with course sandpaper. That’s one of the small things that helps..and keep the kicking balls in a warm place on the sidelines until needed. I hope we need to kickoff a hundred times and punt zero.


  4. Sure running up and down the field in sub 40 weather will keep your core warm. You may even break a sweat. But when you aren’t running you’re either sitting or standing. That warm sweat gets kinda chilly and fingers and toes grow numb. Keep an eye on our punter lets hope our receivers hand onto the ball.
    It is no secret that weather, cold or hot, has a significant effect on athletic performance. One of the first football metrics we looked at seemed to confirm that playing in the cold is a hard task, especially when you’re not used to it.


  5. watcher16

    Would love to have the Dawgs win, then have the Jumbotron switch over to the A&M-Mizzou game with Mizzou losing so we could all watch us punch our ticket to the SECCG!!!


  6. Just about to leave the house. I’ve been waiting for this game since a certain long pass on fourth down last year.

    Go Dawgs.


  7. William Penn

    I have an odd feeling Justin Scott Wesley gets the final TD with 2 and change left, then we stop NM cold after 2 first downs on their 40 yd line for the win. Dawgs 45-38. It’s LSU Redux.


    • Cojones

      You forgot the last Hail Mary play with Brer Rabbit’s amputated limb attached. That would be his final play , and hopefully we tip it away at the last mo…..Oh, No!

      So you think J S-W will get his first play this year?


  8. PansyTheDawg

    I’ve been very busy with clclaws lately and have lost track of football a little. Sony Michel must still be injured; otherwise, I’d say he is another one of the more underrated positives for us. Sure, Gurley and Chubb should get the most carries, but Sony seems to be a very special and skilled athlete in ways that at least Chubb might not be.


  9. PatinDC

    It is a bulldawg day!


  10. Anon

    Don’t know if we win on the field, but I’d bet that we manage to run out of coffee and hot chocolate.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Underrated: Will our coaches help us by being prepared and making adjustments, or hurt us by making dumb clock decisions or being too conservative.

    We need to show we belong with the big boys and this is the game we need to do it.


  12. ScoutDawg

    Sorry I lost the link to the barn hating duck. Anyone remember and have it please?


  13. waterloodawg

    Old Lady Luck called. She’s repossessing the rabbits foot. Something about violation of the character clause.


  14. Ghost of Crowell

    Floriduh and cocks. Amazing to think we lost to both.


  15. dudemankind

    Richt has to deliver tonight. He is home, has momentum, and has the best player in CFB in his backfield. A win is 100% Richt’s doing. A loss is the same. No more excuses.


  16. dlm80

    wtf. who’s the officiating crew…?


  17. 27 Comments

    27 Comments? Where the hell Is everyone. 17-7 at the half. Stay focused Dawgs!

    “Well if you make it it’s good, if you don’t you’re stupid.” -Best Mark Richt quote ever.


  18. Americus Dawg

    Very nice drive to make it 24-7. Entire offense played well on that one!


  19. dudemankind

    I am stoked that Richt put Gurley back on kickoff, faked a punt and went for it on 4th down. Win or lose, he is coaching a good game.


  20. MurphDawg

    I’m amazed that holding is actually being called in a game this season. It’s wonderful after the BS call on the fake punt.


  21. Mike

    ACL for Gurley?


  22. AusDawg85

    Pruitt for President! Who’d da thunk we would hold them to 7? Sure am gonna miss my Mom after betting her for the over! -:)


  23. Scorpio Jones, III

    Remember the Dawgs!!!!!!


  24. Nashville West

    The rabbit died…


  25. WF dawg

    Gentlemen, this was Pruitt’s finest hour. Better even than Mizzou. And what a turn-around from that UF disaster just two weeks ago. Floyd, particularly, showed the effects of being coached up.


  26. Great game on all fronts. I still had the stink of the FU game in my nostrils but I’ll give credit to everyone from the coaching staff down to the water girl. That’s the kinda defense we’ve been hoping for and if not for a few BS penalties and some dropsies by the WR corps it would have been a blowout.

    Sucks to have to hope for a mizzou loss to get to Atlanta, but it feels a lot better after getting revenge for last year’s game and to send the Barners home crying. Better to have a shit than not one at all. Grats to all the coaches and players and fans that froze their asses off.

    Chubb is a beast and hope TG is ok. To all the eternally optimistic: you might be right. More fun to enjoy the games like this than to want to throw things after the bad ones. I guess I might try to stick to the kool aid in lieu of too much beer. Go Dawgs.


  27. Would be nice if the aggies had a defense but maybe butch or Brett will get their “signature” win over Mizzou.