A mark of quality

Look, I get that nothing is going to erase the sour taste from our mouths of the South Carolina and Florida losses.  So be it.

But as far as judging the overall quality of this team goes, start with this:  Georgia is seventh in the country in scoring offense and 22nd nationally in scoring defense.  The Dawgs have a score differential of +21.5 ppg, which is tied with Ole Miss at the top of the SEC.  Any way you want to look at that, it doesn’t suck.


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  1. Russ

    But we lost….Mark Richt…..too passive….Bobo’s crayon…..waaaaaaah!!!

    I agree Senator. Stinks that we lost to two bad teams but I think we are who they say we are, a team with some holes. But when we play a complete game like last night or Missouri, we are really something. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to show it in Atlanta.


  2. Athens Townie

    No easy task figuring out how this team was so good in so many games this season, yet so bad against Florida and South Carolina.

    Similar puzzling frustrations as 2007.


  3. Dawgfan Will

    Considering what most preseason prognostications were saying about us, I would say we have absolutely outperformed expectations. I, for one, did really expect us to be in the mix for the East at this point. I’ll take it.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…we lost to those two teams? I don’t have time to worry about that shit, I got Tech coming up and who knows what after that, maybe.


  5. Joseph Fain

    Agree with the previous comment about people losing sight of what we thought we had as a team coming into the season. I think this team has gotten a lot better as the season has progressed particularly on defense. For my money, the USCe loss is really explained by the fact that they played their best (which the typically do against us) and we were still finding our identify on offense (Bobo and Mason getting comfortable with each other) and defense (learning a new scheme). The Florida loss is simply about motivation. Florida just wanted that game more than we did. That’s college football.

    I think it’s a great credit to the coaching staff that we are where we are given the roster coming into the season and the injuries / suspensions to key players. This could have very easily been an 8-5 season (I guess it technically still could be) but we are poised to win 10 games or more. In addition, I think we are on the verge of playing championship defense again which has been the difference between the level of success we had in Richt’s first 7 years vs. the past 7 years.

    All in all, I am very pleased with the current state of the program and the coaching staff.


  6. The bye weeks were the worst things to happen to this team. Both followed dominating wins, and the team had 2 weeks to hear about how good they were. So of course they lose to 2 teams everybody thought they would crush.


    • Russ

      It certainly looks that way. However, getting the bye week before Florida really helped Richt turn it around against the lizards. I guess this was the year it didn’t pan out.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    just sayin’


  8. Cojones

    Senator, since your Dawg-Hugging passion has trumped your cynicism, your posts are decidedly warm with goodly comments/sarcasmic remarks. Like honeyglazing on the Brazilian Women’s Bike Team uniforms, your post title certainly hit a note. Nevermind the cold hard stats to characterize the quality of this team, the “Mark of quality” also belongs elsewhere with this team.

    Beginning with the quality verbal remarks by and for this team’s players, we need only head to last Fall’s practices preseason characterizations and begin with Hutson Mason’s character. Pure Dawg through and through. One of those QBs we will never forget and will heap D.J.-character praises upon him in his future. The piece beginning with:”Walking across the bridge looking out into Sanford Stadium and imagining hearing his name reaching across the field……. ” sums up Hutson’s aspirations and character as a QB and team leader of a school he has loved loyally forever. He is a Leader of Men.

    “A Mark of Quality” has appeared to us recently in the person of Nick Chubb and his indominable spirit. Aligning himself early with Future Champions who represent our University well, both in deed and unspoken modesty, he is the spokesperson for all the other Freshmen who represent not a small portion of our quality athletic team.

    Among other things,quality in athletism is the mark of quality that resounds in Nick and his fellow Offensive players. This is an eclectic group that may even find quality expressed through manner of injury recovery or social skills, sometimes both, as in the case of Malcome Mitchell who continued his transition back into the team last night by catching a TD pass against Auburn. As a mark of quality, he had recently just recovered from severe injury by working his body muscles and his grey matter simultaneously while joining and socializing with an all female Athens Book Club. That mark of quality includes the daring to go beyond your immediate and comfortable surroundings in order to learn not only of books, but also of the social world tangential to your athletic world. Speed quality on the playing field that match those quality pass reception hands he possesses meets with the “daring to live all of life” quality in WR Mitchell, a damned good South Georgia Bulldog.

    “A Mark of Quality” goes further in the Offense through the hard work and blocking ability of backfield blockers and line blockers who had a fine quality night last night. The “Big Uglies” were Quality Roadgrader Athletes as they made everyone in the stadium and at home more comfortable each down. Damned if the TV cameras didn’t get into the act with the overhead shot of Chubb’s 9-yd TD run behind Andrews’s roadgrading all the way into the end zone. And Pyke. Some shots were close and down the O line on the snap. Yep, “A Mark of Quality” that belies “A Mark of Quality” is that bunch looking like they all belong to a congruent Ballroom Dancing Club.
    Sideshots of passing downs sometimes made Hutson look lonely back there.

    I’ll finish, but I haven’t even touched aspects of the quality of our D players who played their hearts out last night – as a quality team. Lotsa marks of quality in this 2014 team makes it easy to refer to the team as “A Mark of Quality”. Indeed.


  9. Macallanlover

    This team has shown a very high ceiling when they are rolling but we do have some holes and they create that inconsistency that reminds us of how young we are at several spots. It is a very rare team that plays to it’s potential, or even close in every game, look at Bama’s game against Arkansas, or LSU, Ohio’s against Va Tech, TCU this past weekend in Kansas, etc., Most of the very best teams that people put on a pedestal had that close escape or upset game. I am very happy about what this team has grown to become despite the surrounding adversity beginning this past Spring. We have a great nucleus to build from, very nice returning talent, and additional troops on the way. Some may sit and moan about the stumbles but the future looks right for those who love the Dawgs.


  10. Uglydawg

    Ah, but CMR almost made me smp when he was about to kick a field goal on fourth and one against a team the Dawgs were moving the ball on. For a few seconds…the time of a time out….my bowels churned. It is seemingly against his nature to not take the sure three..and it is to his credit that he reconsidered and gave this offense an opportunity to explode on Auburn.
    But for just a minute there, I was terrified that we were staring at the ghost of UCF games past. It may be remembered as a watershed moment in CMR’s coaching psyche.


  11. Farsider

    I give a lot of credit to Georgia coaches for their response to the crushing defeat in Jacksonville. Their success almost forces us to wonder what this season could be if they could get back just ONE of those ugly losses. How could the team that hammered Auburn lose to the hapless Gators? Richt’s era is a little maddening that way. Almost guaranteed to lose the wrong game at the wrong time to the wrong team every year; while also guaranteed to spin out 8 to 10 wins a year (including a win over Tech) like clockwork. Its difficult to accept that Georgia is not relevant as a national contender, but they’re always pretty good. I’d like to see Richt bust through the glass ceiling that’s settled over his program, but i’ll take the good where I can find it.


  12. Ted Deviasse

    Look Gurley’s season-ending injury is horrible news for him and all of us. He’ll go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. What was and what could’ve been. But last night a strange feeling came over me watching Georgia’s offense dismantle Auburn’s defense. I actually felt more confident with Chubb in the game than Gurley. And Gurley’s celebratory displays after scores or returns, which the team feeds off of I know, seemed silly compared to Chubb’s workman-like approach. Gurley’s a star, a playmaker and at times a transcendent force, just ask Tennessee. But Chubb’s a hammer. And in a league where physicality is an essential ingredient in making a championship contender, a hammer can be your cornerstone.


  13. AthensHomerDawg

    The only thing I’ve missed today is a breakdown from Ivy
    If I don’t hear something great from Ivy soon …I will be severely disappointed.


  14. The only game that I don’t get is Flarduh and certainly when compared to the rest of the season. USC was us not making a couple critical plays. The Florida loss is the only one I consider bad and and unacceptable. In it’s current state, Georgia should never lose like that. Never! I’m not demanding championships or heads roll.

    This team has been a TEAM and a fun to watch team all year, except for one game, which makes that game one of the biggest anomalies I remember. This has been a very weird and polarizing season for me.


  15. I Wanna Red Cup

    What i am excited about most is the future. Looks like every OL will come back except Boss Andrews. Not too shabby. Both tight ends, Chubb, Sony. Need to rebuild with the WR since we lose Bennett, Conley. Give Pruitt another year. We will miss 51 and 52, but I think we will end up with an upgrade on DL and our OLB will be good. The secondary with another year of CJP will be better. Isiah is back to be a demon on ST. Things are looking up. Its great ..to be… a Georgia Bulldawg!