A thing of beauty

Behold, the work of art that was last night’s Auburn drive chart:

Auburn Drive Summaries
15:00 1 04:07 AUB 30 10 70 Touchdown
08:48 1 04:05 AUB 14 6 23 Punt
02:15 1 03:40 AUB 25 6 14 Punt
08:48 2 04:01 AUB 18 6 17 Punt
00:29 2 00:29 AUB 25 4 19 End of Half
12:11 3 01:23 AUB 16 3 -8 Punt
07:28 3 02:32 AUB 31 7 26 Downs
00:55 3 04:30 AUB 25 13 60 Interception
04:51 4 02:50 AUB 25 8 48 Fumble

That bad boy is suitable for framing.


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19 responses to “A thing of beauty

  1. gastr1

    It just defies belief that this defense could do that against Auburn and give up 418 yards rushing to Florida running the same three plays over and over again. Has a bigger egg ever been laid by any Ga defense in a single game? (No, I’m not over it.)


    • joe

      99 auburn, 2000 Georgia tech…but those teams were filled with NFL stars (Charles grant, Seymour, stroud, Weatherspoon, etc)…was nice to see floyd respond to the coaching he got after the if debacle…he set the edge on 2 straight plays in the 1st quarter and it was obvious that he was going to focus on just doing his job for the team. Parrish is a really, really physical db, he has a very high ceiling. I hope that Kimbrough’s physicality on special teams can transition to defense next year. Our safeties are almost always in the right spot, just not quite physically gifted enough to come up with the plays. Watching Jalen Ramsey last night just makes you drool at what Pruitt can do with some high 4*talent at dB.


    • PTC DAWG

      Get over it


  2. PatinDC

    After the first Auburn drive for a score, I was sure this was going to be a scorefest. The defenses growth this year has been amazing, surprising and wonderful.
    I did close my eyes on every Auburn third and long, just to be sure.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    No matter how bad the Florida loss felt, it appears that may have been a turning point for Pruitt’s first defense. We looked a little more focused on doing the job against Kentucky, at least early, then last night we looked like one of those blue collar, just do your job defenses, and we were playing in position enough to be able to arrive at the ball with malice in our hearts.

    But there is still a lot of work to be done before we get to Tech. The Bugs are beginning to worry me more than a little.

    I suspect the Dark Lords of Mordor will turn Gus’s rabbit’s foot into a suppository.

    The kick six will forever remain in the mind of Sauron.


    • Mctyre

      Agree w you and joe. Pruitt’s Pound has held the opposition over the last 6 quarters to 14 points and 65 yards per Qtr – the opposition being 2 of the top offenses in the SEC.


  4. ASEF

    Only 8 possessions. That’s pretty impressive too.


    • Nashville West

      Agreed. And aubrin got only one garbage time possession in the 4th quarter. The offense also deserves some credit for aubrin’s low output. Long, time consuming drives with no turnovers make CJP’s job a lot easier. Great team effort.


  5. Don’t forget that an INT bounced off Sanders’s hands on their one scoring drive. That game could have been 41-0 easily.


    • Uglydawg

      Dawgs could have scored again on last drive. Also, I’m told the Gurley KO score was called back on a b/s call. But refs hurt Auburn’s game by calling holding…I didn’t realize it was still against the rules.


      • Macallanlover

        I think the SEC office got many calls about how bad the holding was against A&M by the Auburn LT. Announcers ridiculed the holding/take downs that were not called. He did that same calf roping takedown on Jenkins last night and it was called. Somebody go the word out in advance to that crew.


  6. Play of the game had to be Greg Pyke’s block on 4 and 1, the play where Chubb took it for a 9 yard score to make it 14-7. Check it out on replay.


  7. stuckinred

    Boom is history.


  8. RS

    Much like that 8 by10 color photo of Bo Diddley, suitable for framin’, yes.


  9. The Lone Stranger

    It was a comprehensive performance, made all the more possible by the field position situation. Look at those drive starts: inside the 31yl every time is a beautiful thing.

    What made the overall job by the D surprising to me was the regularity, at least in the first half, with which the Barn was gaining 6-7 yards on 1st down. The Dawgs overcame it.