SEC Power Poll, Week 12

Just another week in the SEC… which is how a familiar name winds up back at the top of the pack.

  1. Alabama.  You just don’t beat Nick Saban’s Tide in Tuscaloosa.
  2. Mississippi.  The win over ‘Bama looks ever more impressive.
  3. Mississippi State.  “Except for being undefeated, every other goal is still ahead of us.”  Yeah, well, minor detail.
  4. Georgia.  When this team is on, it’s pretty damned awesome.  It’s just that when it’s not, it’s really not.
  5. Auburn.  No rabbit’s foot + toughest schedule in the SEC = three losses.
  6. Missouri.  Gary Pinkel abides.
  7. LSU.  The Tigers are paying Cam Cameron $1.3 million this season to coach the conference’s 11th ranked offense.  They could have hired one of Florida’s former offensive coordinators for a lot less.
  8. Texas A&M.  If Florida had played the Aggies’ defense this week, Boom would still have his job.
  9. Arkansas.  Bert gets off the schneid.  Karma?
  10. Tennessee.  One day, we’ll all look back on this season and wonder why Butch Jones once thought it was a good idea to start Nathan Peterman ahead of Josh Dobbs.
  11. South Carolina.  Don’t tell me the OBC wasn’t thinking about Jeremy Foley as he walked out of the Swamp Saturday.  And smirking.
  12. Florida.  Agent Muschamp probably wishes he’d have ridden the bus with Leon Orr now.
  13. Kentucky.  The season’s best case for why you don’t need to rush to give a head coach a raise and extension mid-year.
  14. Vanderbilt.  I bet the ‘Dores would love another crack at Kentucky now.


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8 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 12

  1. Nate Dawg

    I think it hurts the OBC’s soul just a bit every time he beats fla. Couple that with he seems to really ginuinely be friends with Muschamp, & he really almost seemed troubled during the on field post game interview.


  2. Will Trane

    My poll
    Dawgs [that be THE UGA BREED]
    Mississippi State
    Ole Miss
    Throw your Dawgs cap over the rest.


  3. AusDawg85

    Your Florida comment is hereby nominated for the GTP Hall of Fame.

    We have one of those, right?


    1. Bama
    2. Missy St
    3. UGA
    4. Old Miss…
    5. Mizzou..


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lord Sauron sits in his office in Mordor, giggles to himself…”Mississippi State?…what were those people thinking? says aloud “The world is back in its proper order.”