The Gurley epitaph

Let his head coach have the last word.

“Todd’s been fantastic,” Richt said. “Without a doubt one of the best run backs I’ve ever seen, have ever coached. Practiced hard, played hard. Loved the big games and played his heart out for Georgia. I’m really proud I had an opportunity to coach him.”

It’s really got to be a weird feeling for Richt to watch his two stars on offense go down to career-ending knee injuries in back-to-back seasons as has happened.

And on a related matter, the NCAA may suck, but at least Georgia stepped up and did a very good thing for Gurley.


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24 responses to “The Gurley epitaph

  1. Since I have been a very vocal critic of the athletic department, I owe it to intellectual honesty to applaud when they do the right thing. This was the right thing, and I am glad they came through for Gurley. And, I firmly stand by the common use definition of “right” in this instance.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    As much as we comment on Georgia being frugal, it was a wise insurance move few other schools in our league would make.

    Todd would do well to follow the path Aaron Murray took on his recovery and preparation for the league.

    We look forward to pulling for him in the NFL.


    • DawgPhan

      good ole Georgia Way high horse non-sense.

      We did what every school in our situation does for their star players. And pretty sure that we paid for it with NCAA money.

      So if Gurley follows the Murray route does that mean he will be signing autographs @ Gwinnett County malls for the next month?


  3. Jerry Rothschild

    And while we are at it yes I’m proud of Georgia did that. Because at least they thought it was a standup guy. Even though I’m infuriated that they voluntarily suspended him and did not fight harder against the NCAA

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    • Macallanlover

      Need to re-channel that fury, with what they knew it would have been reckless and inexcusable to play him. UGA had no choice, and they did nothing but support him immediately, and afterward. I would really like to know what those criticizing would have had them do. Thump their chest and say we are withdrawing from the NCAA in protest of the silly rules and inept NCAA? Why would we have waited for this incident? Nothing has changed and there are 127 member schools in D1 who have not withdrawn.


      • South FL Dawg

        A few years ago Alabama had a player that it was verified took a few grand to travel to Miami for a party (the same party that AJ Green was wrongly accused of attending) and the NCAA gave him 2 games instead of 4 because he was supposedly in need of blowing off some steam after a death in the family. Not to be insensitive but my father died while I was at UGA and a beach party didn’t cross my mind. Also, Bryan Allen said he paid $400, not $3,000.

        To tell the truth what I really wanted us to do was make Bryan Allen prove the $400. When I saw we admitted to $3,000 and didn’t frame it for sympathy points, I lost whatever faith I had left in the UGAA. Doesn’t have to be that way for you, but reckless and irresponsible….hardly.


  4. Russ

    He will always be a damned good Dawg, and glad the AA stepped up with the insurance. Hope Todd has a successful NFL career.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pardon me thinking of the less noble aspects of the insurance, but that’s going to impress parents on the recruiting trail.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Probably right but I prefer to think that wasn’t the main motivation in this case. It’s something Gurley deserved. Just hope he doesn’t have to cash in on the whole thing.


  6. TG3II = DGD

    The UGAAA stepped up and did the right thing. I just want him to be able to be honored by the Bulldog Nation in some way on the field.


  7. That is a good thing for Gurley and his family.
    After that huge adrenalin rush that accompanied the realization of our imminent victory against the Cheaters a sense of melancholy set in. Not unlike the one that followed Murray’s injury. Strange the way that funny shaped ball bounces sometimes. How could one selfish memorabilia salesman put into motion something that would undo so much work and effort, by so many, for so very little in return?
    It’s a kid’s game that generates millions. It creates rocks stars out of young men in helmets and shoulder pads. It also produces the likes of Mr. Allen, the Tree Poisoner and the Teabagger.


  8. South FL Dawg

    Great that they did that for him.

    Can we have a minute to discuss the NCAA though? We talk about the NCAA as if it is an autonomous entity. But my understanding is that the NCAA is just an organization of colleges and universities. Emmert reports to a board of directors made up of university presidents. If NCAA policies suck so much (and I’m not disputing that) shouldn’t we blame the colleges and universities?

    Granted that one school can’t change if all the rest won’t but “who is in charge” is something that has always bothered me.


  9. Brandon

    Well if whatever insurance company holds this policy is like just about all other insurance companies in the world… there will be “fine print” in the agreement that since his injury occurred inside the 30 yard line with it being below 40 degrees outside, the policy is void.


  10. ugafidelis

    “Georgia people habitually expect the worst. They can never relax. They can never wander the sunflower fields of blind optimism. They just know deep down that around every corner awaits a kick to a most sensitive area.”

    (Source GTP. 10/22/2014)


  11. reality check

    I dislike the NCAA as much as anybody. I cursed them long and loud when Gurley was injured.

    However, I now have to say Gurley’s suspension may have been a blessing in disguise for him. His injury can’t be blamed on the NCAA. A non contact injury like that can happen any play. I do not believe UGA increased his policy limits out of the unsolicited goodness of their hearts. McGarity has never been accused of willingly parting with a dollar he didn’t have to. I believe Gurley’s attorney demanded the increase as part of Gurley’s decision to return.


    • AusDawg85

      I’d agree that it would appear the advice came from his attorney. Which raises the question…I thought getting advice was illegal? Nice to see everyone found a way to skirt the issue. So maybe we’re not that dumb after all.


  12. WarD Eagle

    Hated to see him injured.

    Probably the best stiff-arm of a generation or two.