“But no, I have confidence in these guys.”

When is a comment like that not a kiss of death?  When the guys involved work for a football program that lost money last season, still gave out raises to coaches like candy and signed multi-year guaranteed contracts with them.

Johnson’s contract runs through June 30, 2017. His $850,000 salary must be paid for in full for the remainder of the contract if he is fired, which would total more than $2 million.

That, my friends, buys a lot of confidence.  Mike Bobo felt confident Saturday night.



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12 responses to ““But no, I have confidence in these guys.”

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    That DL coach got a nice raise I see. And the Dawgs OL sure dominated that unit. Glad he is gone from here.


  2. Russ

    How in the world did Auburn lose money last year? Sounds like some creative financing to me.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Ellis is a dead man walking (or preparing for launch) now that they’ve figured out that Spurrier tricked Southern Miss and Gus. Rodney is going to need a bigger bag


  4. FisheriesDawg

    I find it funny that NOW they’re up in arms about an underperforming defense, opposed to back when they won a national title with one in 2010 or played for one with a bad defense last year.

    These people wouldn’t have cared one bit if they had won on Saturday night in a 42-34 shootout. They’re just unwilling to point the finger at Gus’ offense because that would ruin the narrative that “WE’RE BACK AND WE’RE HERE TO STAY FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND ALABAMA IS RUNNING SCARED!”


  5. CaptainBC

    FisheriesDawg…I agree with you completely. I work with the spouse of a former Auburn player from the ’80’s. She said that the entire 2nd half he was b**ching about E. Johnson and how he needed to be fired…In his words, “He is too old”. I had no response.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Before now, I didn’t realize Auburn burns through D-coordinators like Florida burns through O-coordinators.

    As best I can remember, they’ve employed the following DCs in the past 15 years:

    John Lovett
    Gene Chizik,
    David Gibbs
    Will Muschamp
    Paul Rhodes
    Ted Roof
    Brian Van Gorder
    Ellis Johnson

    That’s a shelf life of about two years and a lot of buyout money.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Those assistants are taking in some major bucks. But I still find it impossible to believe they are losing money. Some colleges can’t afford cfb, but not the sec schools.


  8. siskey

    What hurry up team has a good defense? Oregon and Auburn have been the two most successful HUNH teams and neither has had a really top notch defense. If I were a ambitious Defensive coordinator who wanted to go on to a top tier HC job I wouldn’t want to go to a place where its almost impossible to hold teams under 28 points. Maybe that is why Auburn hired Ellis and Oregon hired a guy who was already there. I may be off base and the game may be so altered that defense won’t matter at all here soon because everyone will score 50 points a game.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Chip Kelly or some other HUNH coach recently said that he recognizes the effect that the warp speed offenses have on their own defenses’ stats, so they evaluate defense by “yards per play” rather than total yards or by points.


      • James Stephenson

        So basically, screw the defense. See to me power running and play action will lend to the better defenses. Keep the other teams offense off the field. Run their defense down. Then watch the warp speed team come in, run 3 plays in hurry up and stick their Defense back out there. Or even worse, score a quick td put the defense back out there.