“Everyone just played sound football and played their keys right.”

What I love so much about this article is the almost nonchalant way members of Georgia’s defense describe their collective effort against Auburn.  Here’s a sample from Lorenzo Carter:

“It’s a confidence boost I guess to see it in the game,” Carter said. “We’ve been practicing hard, stopping the run in practice, but it’s always great to see it against somebody else other than your team.”

You guess, hunh?

C’mon, mane.  I watched you guys play in Jacksonville.




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9 responses to ““Everyone just played sound football and played their keys right.”

  1. Spike

    So did I!


  2. Uglydawg

    Just focus on stopping GT’s offense like you did Auburn’s. Time to look forward and NOT BE overconfident on the basis of a great game last week.


  3. Will Trane

    Nothing changes the UF outcome. History. 2 to play. Hang a loss on both of them. That is all this team can do now. And you know what, that is very important. You can bet Auburn is saying the same things Dawgs were saying after the Gator loss.
    Watched the Muschamp comments. Class Dawg. Did not perform well in Gainesville. But neither did some of his coaches. No doubt Muschamp is not only a class guy but a good coach. Were ever he goes best to him.
    Read Butch Jones comments re suspension of 2 of their players this week. UGA is not the only team that has to deal with suspensions and injuries. He thinks Missouri is a very good squad. What is impressive about Missouri is that they have won 9 straight SEC road games. Who is closest to them in that. maybe that is why they are in the hunt for a SECEC.
    Lorenzo Carter. He is a player. Saw him in 3 Norcross games. He could not pick a better DC to be coached by and tutored. One thing you can say about Georgia high school football players…there are a lot of very good ones in all classes with some very outstanding coaches. No doubt high school football in this state is as good as it gets.
    Do you think #’s 9 and 15 know Chubb. Like to see both DL and OL keep it going now. Be good to see Friend and Bobo work some gaps with the O line.
    For sure Auburn, Florida, and Missouri are reflecting on some their losses and wins and wonder how and why. Could be that is due what we call SEC football, buy a ticket, hope for the best, and if it goes our way, celebrate a little.
    10-2 looks good for regular season. Bet many did not think that would be a possiblity after Carolina loss, injuries, suspensions, and transfers.


    • Uglydawg

      good thoughts, WT.


    • Normaltown Mike


      based on loss of personnel , new DC plus a QB that was unproven, a realistic fan should be over the moon with how this team is performing. Though the highs have been higher than expected and the lows have been lower than expected, it’s shaping into a good and possibly great season.


    • Russ

      Well said, Will. I hope we have a good performance against CS this week, and Tech comes to Athens hot. If the defense is up, we should be able to disrupt them and squash them as usual.

      Missouri seems to be getting together at the right (wrong?) time. They seem to do just enough to win, which unfortunately is not what we want. I think Tenn will be better in the future, and maybe they can squeak one out this weekend. In our favor is that both Tenn and Arky are playing for bowl eligibility, so they should be motivated in the next two games against Missouri. (I don’t see Arky beating Ole Miss, though that is a rivalry game so anything is possible.)


  4. Spike

    Will Muschamp is not a class act. His antics on various sidelines, his abuse to his own players, the refs, and opposing fans demonstrate that to me. Just one man’s opinion.


  5. BMan

    I watched the game again last night, mostly looking at the defense. A lot of guys did great jobs last Saturday. Floyd played very disciplined. When he was lined up at star, it almost looked like you could see him resisting the urge to instincltively chase, then he would execute as he was supposed to do. The linebackers all played great, but Herrera really stood out (which is nothing new). Even when an Auburn OL would get to the second level and hit him, he was shaking the OL and making a stop. There were a lot of small things too, like Aaron Davis and others not necessarily making the play, but holding up the outside and forcing the running back to cut toward where the pursuit could get to him. It was very impressive.