A bridge too far to troll.

There are some places even Mark Bradley won’t go.


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  1. Bradley had a little help there from Edwards. Ideal scenario: Duke lose to UNC. UGA beat GT. UF beat FSU. FSU beat GT. UGA beat Bama. UGA leapfrog FSU into playoff. GT lose to Georgia Southern in Papa Johns Pollan Weedeater Liberty Toilet Bowl in Cold weather in Podunk, MS to earn fifth loss. UGA wins NC. Johnson gets contract extension for his QBs runner up finish for ACC POY and final ranking of “Others Receiving Votes” with (1). Johnson has a vote, right?


  2. Spike

    They lost to Duke. At homecoming.


  3. The other Doug

    “That said, after the consecutive October losses to Duke and North Carolina, who thought Tech would be in the conversation for anything above the Belk Bowl?”

    Actually, only Mark Bradley is having the conversation about GT going anywhere.


  4. Question ? Why are some of our Monikers In blue ink?


    • If I post with my iPhone it shows in blue. Desktop compooter shows black.

      Discuss amongst yourself.


      • Reservoir Dawg

        Mobile device = WordPress app which assigns you an account. Account holders get spiffy blue monikers. Desktop users = may be lurkers or occasional users without accounts who can sockpuppet like Thomas Brown do. I found out the difference when I used my phone to post and it came out with another user name in blue (the one I had used to set up the WordPress App). FIFY? Good. And I didn’t even go to Tech.


  5. Oh, so iPad is blue also. Cool, the Senator’s post are blue too. Makes me feel important. 😉


  6. DC Weez

    Hey Bradley – Give me an f’ing break.


  7. CannonDawg

    I enjoyed Bradley’s quoting of Brad Edwards who wrote, “I don’t know that there’s a lot of respect for Florida State at this point. So many teams have almost beaten them. If Georgia Tech should do it, I think the reaction would be, ‘Finally.’ “

    Agree with the respect comment. What I’d really prefer is for FSU play an SEC team in the playoffs and take such a beating that the FSU faithful turn their heads away in disgust. Instead of “Finally,” it would be “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

    And afterwards Jimbo can hug his “young man” and tell him at last the unvarnished truth about how he sees his QB’s behavior.

    Nah, Jimbo won’t do that. What was I thinking?


  8. ChilliDawg

    This just in… Paul Johnson favors an 8 team playoff. Suggests that some drink vendor’s napkin is no way to determine a National Championship.


  9. rocksalt

    But are they controlling their games?


  10. Cousin Eddie

    assessing GT playoff chances, slim and none and slim is warming the car now.