Game control to Major Tom

You knew this weekly rankings stuff from the selection committee was a bad idea before it even started.  This week’s contribution:

There’s reason to believe TCU would have remained at No. 4 had it not struggled against Kansas, trailing at halftime before pulling ahead in the fourth quarter. But by failing to notch a convincing win, the Horned Frogs gave the committee enough cause to place two SEC teams in the top four — and, if we think down the road, might have given the committee reason to eventually slide Baylor into the top spot coming out of the Big 12.

“The committee recognized that TCU did not control the game against Kansas,” Long said. “When you add that to their body of work, it was obviously a close game, to come from behind at one point at Kansas, a team that does not have a strong résumé this year. That certainly impacted it.”

TCU then earns a place in college football history: The Horned Frogs are the first team to fall out of the Playoff top four after a win.

So the committee won’t consider margin of victory, but “game control” – that’s another story.  I guess style points do matter.  Or at least they do this week.

One thing I can say in defense of the BCS computers is at least they didn’t have to rationalize their output in public.


UPDATE:  “Game control”?  Nobody said anything about game control!


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  1. I’m just impressed they didn’t pigeonhole themselves into thinking once you are at 4, you are golden unless you lose. The poll inertia would have been a huge criticism of the committee. And, I get it. TCU looked great. Then, they struggled with West Virginia and probably should have lost. Then, they struggle with Kansas, who is terrible. TCU isn’t getting better as the season goes on. They are going the other way. And their ranking is doing the same.


  2. Billy Mumphrey

    I would much rather have the BCS formula choosing the final four.


  3. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I would be critical of the committee, but I try to keep in mind the tremendous evaluative talents the members bring to their task. Why they can carefully watch four games at once while working out on a treadmill!


  4. gastr1

    But Senator, what else would the WWL have to talk about endlessly, forever even, without all this great drama?!! We have to stay in the news!!!


    • Feeding the beast is the only reason the weekly vote exists.


    • MGW

      Dumb people like to argue and watch people argue. Most people are dumb. ESPN wants most people to watch it’s channels, so ESPN’s people argue and create fodder for arguments.

      Its that simple. ESPN is just using sports to capitalize on the proven reality TV formula: “Idiots Arguing = $”.


      • always remember half the people in the world are below average. Another very interesting stat …only 4% of Americans self-identify as being below average which means by definition that 46% of Americans are too stupid to know that they are stupid. They vote too……feed me.


        • doiknowu

          Actually, that old saying isn’t necessarily true. Half the people in the world are below the median, not the average. If you have, for example, 3 people with IQs of 100 and 1 with an IQ of 20, the average IQ is 80, but only 1 person is below the average. Although I get your drift, it’s not really accurate.


      • bulldogbry

        Hence that Skip Bayless/Stephen A Smith pile of poo remaining on the air for way too long.


  5. G

    I’m not sure where they got there numbers, but the guys on the Chuck and Chernoff show talked about this yesterday. Specifically about Georgia and how they ranked 5th in the nation in “Game Control”. The Florida and USC losses hurts, but we have been in control in all of our wins.


  6. Nate Dawg

    That committee, buncha ‘rebel rebel(s)’ they are…


  7. StuDawg

    So I see the bitching about the playoff is in full effect. Senator, what exactly is your point? What 4 teams would you put in a playoff right now?



    It is going to be 4 conference champs….one will be from the SEC as long as they have 2 losses or kess…all this fretting is making me thirsty…

    I will say many are buying into what the committee is selling weekly, moreso than I thought folks would.


    • if it was going to happen to any team, it would happen to UGA: winning the SEC and getting left out. I mentioned the scenario before the UF game – if we go 2-1 on the SEC home stretch, beat AU, still win the east and win the SEC, we have a very real shot of being left out bc of a UK or UF loss. I would say if we win out and win the SECCG, we are not a lock. it would be the most georgia thing ever, and it’s totally possible.


    • paul

      Using the current standings, let’s assume Mizzou loses and UGA goes to the dome and beats Alabama. Now you have Mississippi State still with only one loss. Alabama has two. Do they get penalized for going to but losing the championship game? What about UGA? Champions but with two losses to to wretched teams. My thought is UGA does not get in under such a scenario. Alabama, even after losing to us has a better chance. Mississippi State may have the best chance of all despite not even making it to Atlanta. Could be crazy. But it makes for many hours of talking and arguing and hand wringing on TV. Which translates into dollars. Which is, ultimately, the point. Unfortunately.


  9. Dog in Fla

    In control of the entertainment subcommittee for the debriefings at the luxurious Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center complex, Condi selected this as the Committee’s most deserving go-to tune for determining the oddity of the spacing among the programs


  10. Bulldog Joe

    So how do they evaluate FSU?

    If FSU is losing an ACC game at halftime, it means Jameis is in full control.


  11. Dog in Fla

    The Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Athletics Director should refer Derek to the Department of Neurology to have him checked out because Derek should have been hearing bells inside his head since the season opening 37 – 7 loss to Temple at Dudley


    • Uglydawg

      I think he’s heard them for a long, long time. But he won’t ever hear them in Starkville again after this week unless he buys a ticket.


  12. Gerald Darnell

    “Game Control” is an objective way to determine team evaluations…. How about “Chubbinator” for establishing game control situations for Georgia.


  13. Game Control is what humans bring to the table when selecting the best teams. Game Control is what differentiates the playoff committee selection process from the BCS. Computers can calculate ratings based on win-loss records, victory margin, strength of schedule, etc… But only humans can watch a game and identify bad passes or missed tackles or great punts, defensive line dominance, etc, etc, etc….