“It’s part of the job, though, definitely.”

USA Today takes a look at what Mark Richt does to earn a living.  There’s a lot more than just coaching games.

It’s Richt’s job to maximize that revenue. His contract specifies that he “take any and all reasonable actions … to generate substantial net revenue for the Association and University,” an unusual clause for coaching contracts.

“It’s just stating the obvious,” McGarity says.

Richt’s contractual duties also include soliciting sponsors for marketing opportunities and helping to find donors for scholarship endowments…

… Richt’s contract is unusually specific about his media and other public relations duties, including no fewer than 12 appearances at Bulldog Club meetings throughout the Southeast and no fewer than two full days each year assisting the school’s president in fundraising activities. Parameters for his radio and TV appearances are spelled out in detail in his nearly 40-page contract and in greater detail in a 191-page multimedia and marketing rights licensing agreement that the contract specifies be provided to him.

Georgia sounds like it’s more than getting its money’s worth out of him.

Richt, whose 14 seasons at Georgia make him one of the nation’s longest-tenured coaches at his current school, has a middle-of-the-pack salary for coaches in the Southeastern Conference, where schools generate staggering amounts of football revenue. Georgia’s was $77.5 million in 2012-13 — fourth in the nation and second in the SEC, according to school’s most recent financial reports to the NCAA.

And this has to warm the cockles of Greg McGarity’s heart:

Richt waves off the notion that a coach with the fourth-highest winning percentage among active FBS coaches should be making a good deal more than his conference’s median. “I am making more than I ever dreamed of,” he says, “so I don’t worry about it too much.”

At least they don’t make him sell programs at halftime.


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30 responses to ““It’s part of the job, though, definitely.”

  1. PatinDC

    Hmmm. Don’t give them any ideas 😉


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      +1. My thoughts exactly…


    • Macallanlover

      There will be some shovel work and lemonade stand work since Jeremy’s IPF statements painted McFrugal into a corner and lit a spark under his nuts. It was crap that Richt didn’t get this from Dooley or Red Panties before Florida boy showed up. How many years did all three of them turn their back? Sack it up Greg, this should have been completed long ago.


  2. Tronan

    “… no fewer than 12 appearances at Bulldog Club meetings throughout the Southeast and no fewer than two full days each year assisting the school’s president in fundraising activities.”

    I suspect the university deliberately left those requirements out of Donnan’s contact. You don’t want to alienate your supporters, athletic or otherwise.


    • Bright Idea

      Donnan’s contract did have the 12 appearance quota. He killed the smaller Bulldog Clubs by refusing to go to more than 12, “per my contract.”



    What else do they expect CMR to say?


  4. Will Train

    Job one. Win football games. Win in the SEC.
    Charleston Southern is next opponent to add to the resume.
    Selection Committee looking at “game control” criteria now in final weeks. Would say the Dawgs hit that mark against KU & AU.
    2 games to keep that going. A must for the HBC and staff + players.
    Only undefeated FSU @ 3 is unblemished. Win out. Mizzou falls. SECGC.
    Make it happen.


    • Hackerdog

      Even if UGA wins the East and then wins the SEC. It will take a minor miracle of teams ranked above them collapsing for them to be considered for the playoff. Don’t worry about style points to impress the committee.


      • Not really. UGA is #10 in the most recent poll. You beat a ranked GT, and then a #1 Bama in the SECCG, and you’ll have a resume that will best the majority of the others out there. Let’s assume the SEC is full of 2-loss teams after that game, that is…BAMA is the only 1-loss team going into the SECCG and UGA beats them. UGA would then HAVE to be the best 2-loss team in the nation, based on resume and ranked wins. That would mean 5 steps up. That puts us at #5. Then, given the impact of a win over Bama in the SECCG, I think you see UGA take that one step past whichever Big12 team DOESN’T win their championship, and slides in at #4. I don’t think UGA makes it all the way to the top of the list without some seriously crazy outcomes… but all we’re really talking about is an Ole Miss victory over MSST in the egg bowl, a BAMA win in the Iron Bowl, a Mizzou loss, and then a UGA win the SECCG. All 4 of those outcomes are not only possible, but likely.


        • ellis

          All hypothetical but I see no way the committee could have any credibility if they left the sec out of the playoff. I also believe there is too much money at stake to leave the sec champion out of the playoff in exchange for another sec team which would make the conference championship games irrelevant. Whatever team wins the sec is in the playoff.


        • Dawgfan Will

          Except with our luck, we’d get stuck at 5.


  5. Irishdawg

    Does Saban have to do this kind of stuff? I’m sure he has to schmooze boosters like everyone, but I doubt he lets fundraising get in the way of coaching. I just hope this isn’t a distraction for Richt, even though he seems exceptionally good at it.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Interesting article. Thanks.

    When Greg took the job, he said he wanted to give the head coach more time to focus on the X’s and O’s of the game.

    Once we got back to a reasonably competitive position on the field, it looks like it was time to refocus the primary B-M objective.



  7. Ben

    I get that he’s still middle of the pack salary-wise, even with his tenure. He wasn’t won a national title, and he’s won two SEC titles, none since 2005. If he gets over that hump, he’ll get paid, and for only a few moments (until Kentucky gives Stoops another raise or UF feels the need to lock in their new Mr. 7-5), he’ll be the highest-paid coach in the league.


  8. CannonDawg

    “take any and all reasonable actions … to generate substantial net revenue for the Association and University,”

    Apart from winning championships and hosting football camps, what reasonable actions can a head coach do to generate substantial net revenue? A Mark Richt line of men’s clothing? Sotheby’s auctions of oil paintings by Mark Richt? The patent on, and production of, a Mark & Kathryn Richt Gatorade/Juice/Water dispensing unit for athletic competitions? The same unit could be licensed and used to dispense adult beverages in Sanford Stadium, could it not? Substantial net revenues, dude.

    Oh, and what about the sale of CMR autographs?


  9. Benny D.

    Having written several contracts, and negotiated several for myself, there is likely more language similar to the lines that have been reported.
    The reason often for such stipulations is not that the Administration wants to work him like a dog in extra-coaching activities, but rather just the opposite.
    The University Admin. are quite familiar with what other coaches at other Universities are expected to do (whether required contractually or as an understood agreement.). The additions of specific minimums is the only way contractually to articulate a baseline and show respect for Mark Right.
    You may say, that’s awfully counterintuitive, why NOT say ‘no more than…’? That sounds more respectful, limiting the appearances, etc.”
    However, as I’m sure CMR’s attorney pointed out when negotiating the contract, SETTING A MINIMUM, allows for/gives room for (legally), a person to negotiate for MORE cash if the Admin/Athletic Dept wants more appearances out of CMR. (In short, it’s a bargaining chip for the person signing the contract. (That said, it’ll never be used, since CMR Is generous guy and has proven to do more than the required minimum in his personal life (e.g. mission trips), and as a coach in (e.g. hosting players at his house, staying longer and delaying his plane to answer a few more questions at our Bulldog Club, or recently forming the foundation program for former players)).
    Final point: It appears “unfair” to us, because we generally don’t like institutions and DO specifically like CMR. But from everything, anybody who’s been around CFB programs or coaches, he’s not, in reality, being required to do anything more than any other coaches at Big programs already do. It’s just that we, the public, seeing a little bit more of this part of the non-X’s and O’s part of the deal – and being unfamiliar with contract language – it feels like the Admin. is taking advantage of CMR because of the amount of money they make off of his hard work. I guarantee that most of us would be more than willing to do the same amount of work for far less than he makes…as long as we didn’t look around and see what the Jones’ of the world were making. CMR doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about keeping up with the Jones’. It’s one of the reasons we both love him and also why the Bulldawg nation burns through so many damn Rolaids. We’re fans.


    • Benny D.

      Clarification: setting a minimum implies goodwill on BOTH sides. Whereas “no more than…” Language implies an adversarial relationship, even “nickel and diming” in smaller contract on the part of both parties. Is a finer point, granted. But it’s certainly more of a “Southern Gentleman’s” way of agreement, implying (not proving) that the person hired isn’t gonna rant and rave and be a jerk about small details.


  10. edawg

    “It’s Richt’s job to maximize that revenue. His contract specifies that he “take any and all reasonable actions … to generate substantial net revenue for the Association and University,” an unusual clause for coaching contracts.

    ‘It’s just stating the obvious,’ McGarity says.”

    So an unusual clause is obvious? Is there anything that comes out of McGarity’s mouth that isn’t a condescending attempt to shut everyone up? He’s short with everyone. He reminds me a lot of John Schuerholz.


    • Benny D.

      I agree that McGarity seems a bit curt, maybe even dismissive, in the way he treats the fanbase. But regarding his remark, “it’s just stating the obvious.”
      The reality of a coach being expected to maximize revenues for the school IS obvious, spelling it out in a contract is a bit unusual sounding (even off-putting) to us, but certainly not uncommon.


      • edawg

        Hi Benny. I’m probably making too much out of that one particular statement due my overall frustration with his demeanor and behavior. And I get that it is an obvious responsibility of the head coach. However, if you’re questioned as to why an usual clause like that is in the contract, why would you not at least give a little bit of an explanation as to why it is there rather than just saying “it’s obvious”?

        His PR skills just seem really bad to me.


        • Benny D.

          You just read my soul man. I COMPLETELY AGREE. You’d think that a university AD, March Richt’s AD, and the AD of the 4th largest grossing football program in the country: would, as my KIDS hear about 30 times a day, on their reading videos: pay attention to his damned “Context clues.” (Ha! My kids’ dvd’s don’t swear at ’em!)
          Like the good Charles Krauthammer said: “If you’re a public figure and there’s a communication problem, it’s NEVER, on the part of the people you’re talking to.”


  11. Russ

    “I am making more than I ever dreamed of,” he says, “so I don’t worry about it too much.”

    McGarity leaked a little pee when he heard that.


    • Conversely, Richt’s agent angrily threw his stapler through the office wall hitting his secretary.


      • Cojones

        Nah. He just loaded it into the next contract Richt signs. Plus, by this time he is going to place some “respect” clauses in that will cotton to tenure, management and probably recruit class standing.

        I’ve complained about Richt’s low salary before in relation to new and unproven head coaches in the SEC. Same goes for Bobo. We are going to keep screwing around until even the patience of Job is tested, Bobo gets recruited to a school like FU (he exactly fits what they are looking for now) and Richt throws up his hands in disgust at the disrespect he is given nationally. I’m embarrassed for my school. Then and only then would everyone realize how strong his commitment to his religion is after he and his family leave for Honduras permanently.


  12. ChilliDawg

    Up next on the SEC channel, the Mark Richt telethon for a new IPF. Let’s keep those phone lines lit. Daddy needs more “net revenue.”