“That’s why people get beat.”

I know Richt’s got to say things like that as he prepares his team to play a cupcake after the SEC grind’s been wrapped up, and I know Charleston Southern gave Vanderbilt a good fight and all, but, still, it’s going to be hard to say much good about a team with this kind of mindset going in:

Chadwell said his defensive players got a little “squeamish” on the bus ride back Saturday from a win at Liberty, because they were watching Chubb run through Auburn.

Maybe they’ll feel better about Brendan Douglas, since they’ll probably be seeing a lot of him on Saturday.


UPDATE:  If you’re looking for some background on Charleston Southern, here you go.


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18 responses to ““That’s why people get beat.”

  1. JasonC

    Let’s hope they are getting a healthy does of Douglass. I kinda hope that CS kinda surprises us a little and maybe we’re down 6-14 or something like that before kicking it into gear. UGA’s toughest battle under Richt seems to deal with big successes. I’d like a little struggle to out post-Auburn complacency to rest so we have a chip on our shoulder and something to prove against Tech.


  2. Juan

    I’d like to see ALL Douglas. Let Hutson throw it 40 times.

    No need to play Chubb at all.


  3. Irishdawg

    I Wouldn’t be real eager to tackle Douglas either


  4. godawg

    “Richt said. “We should base our strength of schedule on 11 games. Have the (College Football Playoff) committee say, ‘We’re going to take your best 11 games as your strength of schedule and allow everyone to play an FCS school for the health of the game in America.'”

    I like his idea. While I hate paying for a ticket to watch the dawgs kick a tomato can, I also realize that some, if not most, of these programs would have to drop football is the paychecks went away. Also, sometimes a team needs a little sister of mercy to warm up on or get healthy on while not taking a bye.

    Waiter! I’ll have 9 conference games, 2 power 5s and an FCS please.


  5. frowertr

    I say work on the passing game. Not because Mason isn’t good but because it looks like the receivers need some work. Too many damned dropped balls last week!


    • So. IL Dawg

      Let Ramsey and Douglas start and play the whole game. Michel should play some just to shake the rust off. We should be able to beat CS with our back ups. Those 2nd-teamers work very hard and should be rewarded with quality playing time this week.


      • Macallanlover

        While I support maximizing quality reps for backups I don’t think you can enter game CMR, prepare for a battle to go and wipe the opponent out early. That is the Plan A. If that works well enough, have a Plan B for Qtrs. 2-4 that allows backups to maintain, and grow, a 3 TD lead if you get that by the end of the first quarter. This may not be a challenging matchup but they did take Vandy to the end before losing by 1 so how do you view this any differently than preparing for Vandy?

        Should be get that big lead early, I would like to see Quarters 2 & 3 played entirely with players who will be back on the 2015 squad. Senior day is next week, let’s use the underclassmen in groupings for both offense and defense. If that builds the lead, let the 3rd team and scout team get a reward and finish it up. It is likely the last chance to get rewarded for all the practice work and get some film to evaluate before Spring and Summer practice. We have to look ahead after we get this game solidly in hand, imo. Taking the whole game/week off hasn’t worked for us well this year anyway.


  6. Will Train

    Troy. We thought they would throw the ball. Mason was in a zone in the first half against AU. Think it would be good to let the Committee, Polls, and others see that the Dawgs can throw the ball. Chris Conley for sure needs some reps as does Rome, Scott-Wesley, and Rumph and other WOs some plays and scores. Thought their blocking against AU was very good. Time to pass the Dawg bones around.
    Plus use a 2 QB set with Mason’s backup.
    Points on the board for us. And none for them. No running clock in D1. But this team played Vandy good. Be smart for the team to be solid and aggressive for 60. Not a lot of hurry up, but keep the clock moving and shorten the game.


  7. PatinDC

    Not to be hurtin’ on Charleston Southern, but a shut out would be UGA’s third of the year. When was the last time that happened?


  8. Russ

    We need this game to hone our edge discipline and maintain our edge for squashing the maggots.

    On the O side, run a little Chubb, some more Michel, and Douglas. No need to rush Marshall, keep him for a red-shirt. Let Mason fling it around to various receivers, then play Bauta (he’s the best backup, right?).


  9. Athens Dog

    I saw the Presbyterian homecoming game. They beat Charleston Southern. I have zero concerns


  10. Denver94

    The Bauta invocation brings up a next-year QB question. Does anyone have inside word on Jacob Park’s development this year? I’m assuming next Spring there’s an intense comp between Park and Ramsey to start. I don’t think Bauta’s really in there, but I also don’t have much to base any of this on as far as Park goes.


    • Russ

      I’m no QB guru, but to me Bauta seemed pretty good. He certainly adds a running aspect, and he had zip on his ball. Ramsey stares down his receiver (as all young QBs do). I have no doubt Richt and Bobo will have whoever it is ready to go.


  11. Spike

    Take a look at that walk on QB also..