I got ‘yer game control right here.

So, fess up:  are you sick of hearing or merely confused by the selection committee’s new buzz phrase?


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8 responses to “I got ‘yer game control right here.

  1. They’re kinda making it up as they go along…


  2. Game Control = Corch’s favorite term: style points. All signs point to Dickhead as the anointed one this inaugural year.


  3. Uglydawg

    They couldn’t say “style points” because they’ve already said that’s not a factor (I believe they said that…may be incorrect), but it is a euphanism for big scores. Remember that they also said at one point that if a team had key injuries and the injured returned, it is considerable.
    Frowetr got it right…they’re making it up as they go along.
    In the end, they’ll take the easy way and name four teams from four different conferences and give a sigh of relief that consideration for Notre Dame was off the table.


  4. Mayor

    “Game control” = Made up BS designed to give the committee a wide open subjective basis for doing anything it wants. Similar to deciding which teams are the “most deserving.”


  5. Biggus Rickus

    In intself, I don’t mind factoring in a concept like game control. Based on how it’s defined in the ESPN stat, it gives you a better picture of the game than what the final score ends up being. Of course, they’re not using that statistic. They’re just using a buzzword to defend their subjective impressions of games, so they’re doing it wrong.


  6. Macallanlover

    I think “game control” is what Bama had last week against MSU, the score doesn’t reflect the control Bama had. Never a chance they would lose that. Same can be applied to our game against Arkansas, the 2nd half of that didn’t matter anymore than our 2nd half against the Tide in 2008….although the negatrons view them differently, you can imagine which way.


  7. JCDAWG83

    Until they mandate 8 conferences with 12 or 14 teams in each conference and an 8 team playoff of those conference champions, there will not be a true D1 college football champion. This committee crap is as bad or worse than the BCS.


    • Mayor

      This is similar but, I believe, better. There needs to be 4 “super” conferences of 16-18 teams each split into 2 divisions each, with the first playoff round being the conference championship games, then the 4 conference champions playing in the 4 team playoff.