In defense of the occasional cupcake game

Will Leitch writes a lovely piece about the benefits of playing a Charleston Southern on a Saturday in late November:

This weekend is when everything relaxes for a bit. When Georgia is hosting LSU, or Auburn, or Alabama (Oct. 3, 2015!), it is a massive, serious, all-encompassing endeavor: The crowd is jammed to the gills with bourbon, packed shoulder to shoulder and screaming for four straight hours. It’s wonderful — it’s the reason college football is so much better to watch in person than on television, the precise opposite of the NFL — but it’s certainly something you have to fortify yourself for. And it makes it impossible to soak in the beauty of sitting in Sanford Stadium and enjoying the little things, the view, the ambiance, the band, the camaraderie. You can’t hear yourself think; you can’t absorb it.

A game against Charleston Southern, coming in the middle of the closing sprint, gives you that second to absorb. It’s a game I can bring my three-year-old son to and not worry about us both getting trampled during a tight fourth-quarter back-and-forth. It’s a game it’s OK to miss a few plays while in line at concession, or just walking around the concourse and observing the stadium. It’s a game it’s OK to leave at halftime if your kid gets too cold. Sports are high-pressure for both players, and fans. Sometimes everybody needs a week off. This isn’t the best weekend for competitive college football. That doesn’t mean it can’t be the most fun, though. Everybody relax. Everybody take five.

In truth, there is something to be said for that.  I’d only add a couple of thoughts.  First, cupcake games, like almost everything else in life, are best enjoyed in moderation.  Second, if we’re serious about enjoying the relaxed pace of a game day like tomorrow’s, a nooner kickoff sure puts a real time squeeze on those trying to savor a mellow pre-game tailgate.

Not that anybody’s going to listen to me on either point any time soon.

On a related note, here’s hoping that Jack Loonam gets his wish.  I’ll be cheering for him when he hits the field.


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15 responses to “In defense of the occasional cupcake game

  1. Rick

    Wouldn’t hold my breath on any optimizations on the kick off time. I’m guessing for the cupcake games we are well and truly at the mercy of the TV networks, and willing to accept the conditions of whomever is willing to broadcast a 3 hour game that is only mildly interesting for the first hour or so.


  2. Rocket Dawg

    Jack should start. Even if he completely blows his assignment on the first play (which I am betting he won’t) we are still going to win by a large margin.


    • Cousin Eddie

      Heck I hope they start him and throw him the ball on the first play. If he isn’t open throw it away and let Chubbs run for the first down on second down, no big loss. The other guys on the team would go all out to support a guy like that, might be the spark needed to keep the team from sleep walking the entire game.


  3. It Is also a chance for some players to get over some bruises & injuries.
    Also a chance to reward some players for their contributions by finally getting to play in a game in Sanford Stadium. GATA.


  4. Denver94

    No idea how Leitch ended up in Athens, but it’s pretty cool that he’s adopted the joint.


  5. Charlottedawg

    I like big out of conference games but if we want to schedule big boy marquee opponents then we need to start running our shit like a big boy football program. Adding some sanity to our discipline policy would be low hanging fruit considering Georgia’s guaranteed to have at least 2 starters suspended every opener. Until Clemson this year we’ve pretty Much been a top ten team’s dream opponent: not competitive enough to beat you but competitive enough so that at the end of the year you had a win over a ranked sec team on your resume. The old fsu philosophy of anyone anywhere is great but it requires an administration committed to fully supporting it’s football program.


  6. That old FSU policy went out the door when they joined the ACC, now they just schedule a big OCC game occasionally and it works really well for them. They have historically run through the ACC like a hot knife through butter, as would a good many of the SEC schools. imo


  7. Macallanlover

    Jack Loonam, here is another vote for you to get in this game at Sanford, and maybe again in the one next week. You a good Dawg sir, and a helluva man. Good luck to you.


  8. SouthGaDawg

    Agreed 100% with his thoughts. Last yr. I took my older child to LSU game – Knew it would be a wild, drunken profanity-laced scene (actually wasn’t as bad as some I’ve been to). I also knew at her age, she could stay the whole game w/out complaining. She had an absolute blast. Took my younger child to the App. St. game – noon start, lighter (less inebriated) crowd. Shorter attention span so we left early and comfortably visited the bookstore and got some supper. Athens in the fall – can’t beat either experience.


  9. Russ

    Nice story about Jack. I’ll be looking for him. He deserves to play.


    • Bob

      As a 72 Bulldawg Battalion grad and 30 year Army Vet, I would love for Jack to start tomorrow. I appreciate what he has done to balance his football, his ROTC responsibilities and his regular class work. To Jack…Go Dawgs and one big Hooooah.


  10. HottCheese

    Coach Richt: “What are you doing here at the game, Jack?”
    Jack Loonam: “Army had a half day.”