“It’s very frustrating, but it’s our fault.”

As the old joke goes, the most consistent thing about Georgia’s defense this season is its inconsistency.

There is no trend line to the defense’s struggles. It went from great in the second half against Clemson to struggling the next game against South Carolina. It shut out Missouri, and two weeks later it was gashed by Florida, then two weeks later shut down Auburn.

The quality of opponents and the matchups don’t seem to matter, either. Auburn is the best offense Georgia has faced this season, while Florida ranks 91st in the country. Georgia’s pass defense was the culprit in the loss at South Carolina, and it was the run defense that was gashed in the loss to Florida.

Georgia’s offense has been fairly consistent all season. Its lowest scoring output of the season was 20, against Florida, with 34 points being the second-lowest. The lowest yardage output of the season has been 379, in the win over Missouri.

The defense, however, has been all over the place: Four games giving up more than 400 yards, including the two losses; four games giving up fewer than 300, including just 147 in the shutout of Missouri. And even within games there have been disparate performances, especially the first and second halves against Clemson and Arkansas.

All of which probably means they’ll let Charleston Southern gash them to the tune of 400+ yards tomorrow, and then turn around and hold Georgia Tech to its lowest yardage total of the season.


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20 responses to ““It’s very frustrating, but it’s our fault.”

  1. As I’ve stated before, Georgia football is the sum of the unexplainable and the immeasurable.


    • Dawgfan Will

      I don’t agree with you often, but brother, you hit the nail on the head there.


      • Macallanlover

        But you would measure it both ways wouldn’t you Will? Credit for all the plusses as well? You two would not be compatible at that point if it were to be proportionately applied.


  2. watcher16

    “All of which probably means they’ll let Charleston Southern gash them to the tune of 400+ yards tomorrow, and then turn around and hold Georgia Tech to its lowest yardage total of the season.”

    I’m ok with that as long as we still win both of those games!


  3. Uglydawg

    I’d rather win a close one against CS and beat the living shit out of GT.
    But win them both…by any and all means, win them both.


  4. sliceshs

    Senator, interesting points regarding expanding the playoff here:

    I very much like his reasoning on NOT expanding


  5. 69Dawg

    It really depends on which team shows up for both games. No one in their wildest dreams thought GT would beat us at home with the O we had the last time they won. Just remember no one on the D staff has ever coached against the triple option as run by GT. The thing that scares me most (Munson’s me) is that their QB can pass. We will have to keep them from quick striking us. This could be the SEC East Champs vs the Coastal Division Champs for the State trophy.


  6. Cojones

    The Committe seems to be slicin’ and dicin’ as to how teams play in all games. In the event we get near that picture we should not take any team for granted because HOW we win seems to affect their thinking as much as IF we win.

    We should pour it on Charleston Southern because they represent the best in their conference with their record and they are a good scout team for the next game. Besides, Chubb owns the Freshman of the Week in the SEC and needs to post a bunch of yards to be the Freshman of the Year. Mason needs to paste some yards on his recotrd as well. And I want to see Hutson looking like a lone scout in the desert while throwing with all that distance undisturbed between him and his O line.

    We have struggled with the likes of UAB and the Golden Eagles because they were good and had a lot of Ga players trying to prove something in front of their “folks”. I could be confused about stats again, but didn’t I read that CS has 34 Ga players on that team? That’s a lot of kamikazis trying to prove something against an “up and down” defense. If they make a tight game out of it, the Committee will view it askew from anything we may achieve from here on out. So I hope we lay balls to the wall and try to achieve before we poke another hole in the NC sinking ship.


  7. I think it all comes to the LOS. Teams like USC and Florida were the most physical teams we’ve played. That limits our one dimensional (ish) offense.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Physicality had little to do with it. The defense was a work in progress early in the year, and the team simply didn’t show up ready to play against Florida.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    I believe the inconsistency on defense came down to two things:

    1. (South Carolina) The number of starters we dismissed preseason required us to put very inexperienced pass coverage in against a fifth year senior QB in game 2.

    2. (Florida) The naive assumption our best player would be allowed to play despite admitting he took nearly 10x the money allowed for two-game suspension led to a huge team letdown the Thursday before our biggest rivalry game.


  9. Does the defense have anyone left over from previous defensive coaching staffs because we have handled this high school offense fairly well in the past. Play you’re assignment like against the WarPlainsTigers and we’ll be fine. Follow the eye candy and we’re fucked.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    The D is still a work in progress. There certainly is a trend of continual improvement, with some hiccups along the way. I’d also add the O had problems (1st & goal for the win @ scu!) and ST problems re-emerged (missed FGs @ scu & fu, fake FG @ fu) that coincided with those D hiccups.

    Overall, I think CJP & Co have done a very good job in their first year. Looking forward to having them all back in 2015, along with several returning players and some excellent recruits.


  11. Whiskeydawg

    It seems along with any glory Georgia enjoys it also comes with some tragedy.


  12. hot12dog

    Remember CMR never has the team ready for the big ones so worry about a real cupcake.