Papa’s got a brand old bag.

As someone who firmly believes that marching bands are part of what makes the college football experience unique, I’m a big supporter of the Redcoats, so I ask this question with all due respect and appreciation.  If I’m reading this tidbit in Bill King’s column correctly, they’re planning to have that James Brown tribute show back for the Georgia Tech game.  For the love of everything holy, why?


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  1. My eyes cannot unsee it, my ears cannot unhear it. And if they have to do it, for the love of all that is holy, somebody please tell Tom Jackson how to say biopic…


  2. David

    Former Redcoat here – no matter how bad or good a show is, they can only learn so many a year. I believe this is the third show they’ve done this year, and there’s just not time to write and learn another one.


  3. Gosh, I liked the James Brown tribute show.


  4. Rick

    Former redcoat here. Sounds like the show was a real misfire. I know Brett Bawcum pretty well, and he is usually quite sensitive to these sorts of things. At this point in the year they are undoubtedly on their third and final show, so their only option would be to roll back to one from earlier in the season. That would be unprecedented, and though it seems like that would be the way to go here, it’s probably too late at this point because next week is thanksgiving break and redcoats won’t have any rehearsals.

    I’m going to the game tomorrow, I guess I should just skip half time?


  5. watcher16

    I’m a former redcoat as well: They don’t need a completely new show, just get rid of the bit with some random guy jumping around like James Brown, play the same music and get a few new drill formations in!


    • tess

      This. Pull the guy. Heck, don’t even bother with new formations, just let them dance.

      As Reservoir Dawg said, I cannot unsee or unhear what I’ve seen and heard. You can look away from the big screen, but it’s still in your ears, happening. Don’t let it happen twice.


    • NCDAWG

      I’m with you watcher16, the show and music were fine. That strange random James Brown impersonator tokk away from the great sound of the band playing his hits.
      Go Dawgs!


  6. Former redbird here. As the Godfather would sang, “I don’t care about they thoughts, I just wanna satisfy they faults, HeH!!” Put the hook on that thang formerly known as Prince look-a-like fool trying to dance like James Brown. You got to move more than just yo feets on that slip’n’slide, dude! You gots to shake yo money maker – – hips, pelvis, neck, til you sweat. That dude got to be white, or maybe Puerto Rican. He ain’t close to James Brown. Now if he could sang like James Brown, that might overcome fact he can’t dance like James Brown. Why the microphone out there if he don’t sang? Cut him. Keep the music. That all they need to do, and then, “Break Out, . . . .In a cold sweat!” And everybody sang, “Pruitt, Junkyard Dawgs, hey, hey, hey, hey!” Oh, yeah, and get Prince Charles to come back. Man, we used to have some show nuf shows at halftime. Damn good prince. Damn good prince. I think that was the last time James Brown was on the sideline. “Pruitt, Junkyard Dawgs, hey, hey, hey, hey!” We should’ve thought of that last Saturday night. It would’ve stuck.


    • They probably could have saved the whole show if they(the band) had actually played “Dooley’s Junkyard Dogs” I’m afraid that playing “I’m(red and) Black and I’m Proud” would have too obscure. Personally, I was drunk and happy enough that the faux James Brown didn’t offend me as much as others….so…..the solution is to drink more…I’m just sayin.


  7. Mary Kate Danaher

    Lee Greenwood this week, faux Godfather next week. Man. Are Frisbee playing dogs too much to ask for?

    Also, I don’t believe that anyone has mentioned that Charleston Southern always gives the Dawgs its best shot.


  8. Brett

    The band is stuck with the show for Tech. It was an attempt to try something different that just didn’t work. Lesson learned.


    • Rick

      I’m not entirely sure what lesson there is to learn here. My recollection of the nostalgia-driven stuff when I was in redcoats was that it was pretty much sure fire (even though I never cared for it, perhaps because I was 20).

      I hope it doesn’t drive RCB towards more conservative selections. The occasional misfire is a reasonable price for more interesting fare.

      Whatever the case, keep up the good work 🙂


      • stuckinred

        I’m sure you must but I have to ask. Do the band people know how hard it is to actually hear them in many places in the stadium? Maybe it is the contrast with the obnoxious sound system blaring music but the JB show was never going to work if all you saw was the dude on the scoreboard and not really hear what was being played.


      • Brett

        I think you’re right. It’s a misfire, but I don’t see a more conservative programming philosophy as a result. This show selection was a last minute change after the movie came out. Bit off more than we could chew, especially in the late fall, when you almost never have the whole band together.

        I am glad people are watching and listening. I hope we do right by you in the future. And in the mean time we’ll try to make what we’ve got better.