“I’m not sure that the Tech faithful quite understand it.”

Chantastic news!

Negotiations for an extension for Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson’s contract are underway, according to a representative for Johnson.

“We’re in discussions,” Atlanta-based attorney Jack Reale told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Friday. “We’ll see where they go.”

A major donor to the Tech athletics program and a friend of Johnson’s spoke with considerably more assurance about the likelihood of an extension.

“I’m confident that both sides are going to work together to get a deal in place that will keep Paul here well into the future, and he certainly deserves that,” Gregg Garrett said.

So does Georgia Tech.

And if the Tech faithful don’t understand it, trust me, that’s not a problem we in Dawgnation share.  We understand it just fine and couldn’t be happier for the genius.  Long may he run.



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37 responses to ““I’m not sure that the Tech faithful quite understand it.”

  1. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Today is starting out with very good news. The only downside is for our player’s knees.


  2. ZeroPointZero

    He’s the best agent we’ve ever installed. Agents Dooley and Muschamp were too obvious. Johnson is a genius.


  3. Timphd

    Please be true!


  4. Macallanlover

    It certainly is a help to not having in-state competition for offensive athletes. Another thing they don’t get: keeping Coach Dick feeds us better players (from OL, to QBs, to receivers) to outscore them. That could be true for DBs too, as they have no way to hone their skills in practice. Dickhead must have pictures on Garrett, how else do you explain re-upping with a guy who has done so little, not just with winning games but his PR skills are below McFrugal’s. No excitement, few fans, and no chance of climbing the ladder, yeah, sign me up for that.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Mac, forgive me but I am confused. Is Urban Meyer coming to Tech? I thought Coach Paul TheJohnson was the coach there. 🙂 Not that I don’t share your sentiments completely.


  5. Mayor

    Really all that Johnson has done this season is to win 9 games while playing in an inferior conference. 3 cupcakes and a 6-2 conference record in the weakest division in the ACC. Maybe Tech should consider moving to the American–or even better, the MAC. Tech might win 10 games there. Hell, Tech could be the National Champion in D-II and they could make Fishfry “Coach for Life.”.


    • Lakatos Intolerant

      Weaker ACC division and easily the weakest power 5 division.

      Hope they can get the business end done, tech will revert to 7-5 next year. Hell, it’s a reasonable bet he gets extended while finishing 8-5 this year.


  6. DugLite

    An early Christmas present.


  7. Crap … meant for that to be a .jpg. Any suggestions on how to insert one?


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ho, ho, ho…yuk it up, but I will feel a whole lot better about making snide comments after we beat Tech.


    • Wear the hat that you wore last week and we will do fine. Tech can’t score on us. Auburn got lucky. We are playing between the hedges. Sony will be back. We might hit 56. If all else fails to calm ya down. Hit Cojones up for some homemade cookies. I just know he sends a care package down to Florida for a GTPer down there.


  9. Spike

    Just do it, Tech!


    • JAX

      I’m glad to see a few of you express a little humility because there is a bit too much arrogance here. Do you all not recall Florida’s rushing performance? Where was the team’s mentalilty before that game?

      Remember, pride cometh before the fall.


  10. Ed Kilgore

    Just went over to the Dirt Daubers’ SBN site for the very first time, and for the most part they’re a tad nervous the Dawgs might give them a tough game. The recent history of the series isn’t mentioned. You know, one win in the current century. The contrast with the self-doubt and even objectivity of Georgia blog fans couldn’t be much more obvious.


  11. My favorite line from the ajc article: “Tech has a recruiting class for 2015 that could be Johnson’s best.” That recruiting class, the “best,” is currently ranked 26.



  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    I been watching Georgia play Tech for a long, long time. In the great pantheon of weird shit happens, weird shit happens in this game with alarming regularity.

    I know the respective records, I know the conferences those respective records were obtained in. I know the history of the last twenty of these games.

    I read the stats.

    But none of that stuff matters, what matters is that it is Georgia and Tech and weird shit happens…HT Reggie Ball, for instance, or Jasper or any number of other instances of weird shit happening.

    I hope, beginning about 4 pm today, the Georgia team and its attendant coaching staff will begin to get very, very serious about playing Georgia Tech next week in Athens, will avoid the inevitable malaise of too much turkey and get ready to stomp the living shit out of Tech.

    And, after they do that, I will lead the chortling.

    After they do that thing to Tech, there.


    • Uglydawg

      Heard on the radio today…Georgia defense practices every week of the season for GT’s offense. I think they know it’s not to be taken lightly.
      If they are serious about shutting GT down, they surely can do it.
      If Tech is serious about shutting UGA down..it aint happening.


  13. Nashville West



  14. Mayor

    Since Vince Dooley walked onto the Georgia campus in 1964 Georgia is 38-12 over Tech in the game series.I like our chances next week.