Gettin’ your Hate Week hate on, part one

I’m starting out on a nuts and bolts-y front.  From Shakin’ the Southland comes this essential, yet succinct, guide to slowing/shutting down the triple option:

1. Stop the Dive. It’s meant to get 3.0 ypc, once they get more than that, you’re dead. They don’t have as great a FB as Dwyer, but if you let them beat you inside it sets up the entire perimeter game and Midline.

2. Hammer that QB every time he touches the football.

3. Knock the QB’s facemask off every time he touches the football. Make him eat dirt.

4. Flatten the QB on every snap.

5. Rip the QB’s head off on every snap.

I don’t give a shit if you get a late hit or unsportsmanlike penalty, you make that QB regret he stepped on the field.

The QB makes it all work. If he drops back to pass, hit him. If he keeps, hit him. If he pitches the ball, hit his ass anyway. Make him hesitate.

You do that, you beat the option.

Stop the dive and beat the hell out of the quarterback.  Timeless advice.


UPDATE:  Don’t take my word for it.

The triple option starts with the dive, an area Swann said he and his teammates had to quickly adjust to as Saturday’s game went on.

“If you’re going to let them run the ball up the middle you might as well not even have a defense out there,” Swann said. “You’ve got to stop that dive back first and that’s the main thing. If you don’t stop him, now you’re all over the place…it’s a lot of things you have to take away at the beginning to where you can kind of dictate what’s going to go on.”


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21 responses to “Gettin’ your Hate Week hate on, part one

  1. Ben

    Didn’t Clemson get hammered by Tech this year? Also, y’all should see the love-fest those two fanbases had with each other after talking about how classless UGA is.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Kill the SOB just because he plays for Tech.


  3. Clemson had their 17th string qb in (some guy named Cole Stoudt) and got down early. Poor guy had to throw the ball. That’s how Tech pulled that off.


  4. Russ

    No 20 hour rule this week, so the boys will get plenty of work.


  5. Rebar

    The Dawgs are gonna have to play with the same passion and gap discipline they had with Auburn. Crush the bugs!


  6. Tronan

    I don’t like it when the Dawgs lose, and I really don’t like it when they lose to Auburn, Florida or Tennessee. But, I’d rather lose to those three teams every single year than ever lose to Tech. “Stop, hammer knock, flatten, rip and hit” – yes, do all these things. Filling the air with their lamentations should always be a foremost goal.


  7. stuckinred

    From the E.B. “Sledgehammer” site a letter to his mom

        Aug. 18, 1943

    Dear Mother,

    Oh, Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s at Georgia Tech.

    Instead of fighting battles, He’s raisin’

    A lot of heck.

    He’s either playing softball or swimming

    In the pool.

    Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s gone back to school.

    Oh, Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s gone back to school.

    He’s not out fighting like he ought to do.

    He’s never seen the ocean,

    He’s never swabbed a deck,

    Oh, Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s at Georgia Tech.

    Oh, Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s gone back to school,

    Instead of carryin’ a new M-1

    He carries an old slide rule,

    He’s raisin’ Hell in college,

    He’s just a Ramblin’ Wreck,

    Mother take down your service flag,

    Your son’s at Georgia Tech.

    There’s more truth than poetry in the above. The Marines here made it up to show our attitude towards the college training program. It goes to the tune of “Ramblin Reck.”

    I received the towels & stick candy today. Thanks a million. The candy was fine & the towels will be put to use. I wrote Father & told him about my trip


  8. stuckinred

    You are welcome.


  9. If you watch the FSU/Miami vs. Oklahoma games in the 80s, they would stuff the dive on the triple option with athletic defensive tackles. Once they took away the dive, Switzer typically had no answer, and the rout would be on. If Drew, Bailey, Thornton, and Johnson are doing the same on Saturday, we’ll beat Tech like a rented mule.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Miami had a secret formula back then: recruit speed on defense, liberally apply steroids to add bulk, adjust dosage as necessary to bring out roid rage at game time.


  10. Farsider

    Richt is 12-1 against Tech. For all of Georgia’s baffling inconsistencies against SEC opposition, Richt ALWAYS (except 2008) has his charges amped up and prepared against the Trade School. The only thing separating Richt from 13-1 is 6 days.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Laying some big hits on their QB sounds like a good plan.


  12. baddawg

    OH MY GOD!!!! 2007!!!!! Need I say more. F U Tenn. Thrkn in my ass!!! Can’t win when I need it, can’t lose when I need it!!! Please please please arky win one!!! Please!!!