“It’s one of those games that has to fall in the ACC win column this year.”

Andrea Adelson’s touching “you just gotta, ACC” beg is highlighted by a finger pointing in the wrong direction.

“Winning would help the league a lot but it’s going to be how does the media portray it?” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said.

Gee, Coach, it doesn’t take a genius to see that you guys haven’t exactly given the media a lot to work with:

The last time Florida State, Georgia Tech and Clemson swept their SEC rivals was in 2000. The last time they posted a winning record against them was in 2008, when Georgia Tech and Clemson came out victorious. That also happens to be the last time both teams won their SEC rivalry game.

Adelson notes that Saturday isn’t a situation where Tech can’t afford to lose. Still, a win would be nice for the Jackets.

“The atmosphere is different about this week because it’s a must-win game,” Georgia Tech safety Jamal Golden said. “You don’t want to give them bragging rights for the next 365 days. You just have to hear it over and over again that you can’t beat them. It’s one of those games you look forward to playing.”

Hmmm… sounds like the voice of experience talking.


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18 responses to ““It’s one of those games that has to fall in the ACC win column this year.”

  1. Dawg in Beaumont

    Paul Johnson is correct. It is clearly the media’s fault that Georgia Tech has more probations than wins over UGA this millenium


  2. Russ

    Tempting to pull for Clemson, but I guess I’m pulling for the SEC sweep.


  3. jntiii

    Don’t worry, Paul, the AJC is ready to proclaim your genius with gusto should you manage to win. You’ll have done it despite all the advantages that UGA supposedly enjoys.


  4. Come on Florida, win one for Muschamp!


  5. I just need to keep sexist tendencies to myself when i read drek like this,But I can’t….I know she is not stupid because she is a woman only that she is a woman who is stupid but who is this bimbo and why is she such an advocate for the athletically challenged conference ?Why must we listen to this drivel and have her claim to be a journalist when clearly she is a public relations shill. What strange hell is this? This chick has got me pulling for Da Gatas which is a sign of the Apocalypse.


  6. Jeremy Foldy

    Ah Andrea; making the ACC long for the even-keeled reporting for Heather Dinich. STFU, Andrea.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Winning would help the league a lot but it’s going to be how does the media portray it?” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said.”

    Coach Paul TheJohnson (or Dickhead, II) denies rumors he is thinking of running for office in Ferguson, Mo.


    • Seems like only yesterday…
      — Bruce Feldman (@BFeldmanCBS) January 3, 2014

      After a second consecutive season of losing six games or more, and having overall diminishing returns, there were already going to be questions surrounding the stability of Johnson’s job. This public airing of grievances may put the wheels into motion for a new head coach search to begin.


  8. Cojones

    Received a gift a few yrs ago that has a 6″ high Bulldog in uniform holding the ball above two little NATS players on springs. You wiggle it and it looks like keep-a-way from kids jumping back and forth while reaching for the ball held above them. It remains hidden (it’s so stupid that it’s embarrassing) until this time of year when it is displayed prominently in the living area.

    It is unashamedly jiggled with each passing. Think that it should go to the smoking porch to keep the pets amused while taking in the secondary smoke. At mid-bowlful they probably will appreciate the jiggly NATS figures to a stretched-spring end, especially the cat, Zorro. And probably the hounds will burst into song when they get stoned. I’ll probably sing a parody of “Rambling Wreck” called “Wrangling Wrecks”, a tow truck commercial.

    Time to start the Weds nite choir practice again.


  9. Stingtalk has enjoyed making fun of the SEC East, but nowhere will it be mentioned that every one of the SEC-ACC Matchups is a top ACC team against an SEC East team. Only UGA is a truly competitive team in the group for our side. Yet FSU, Clemson, and Louisville are included, and even a Tech team supposedly headed for the Orange Bowl. You can’t stack ’em any more uneven than that, but it will somehow be trumpeted that the ACC whooped it some SEC butt. And Paul Johnson will still take shots at the evil media.