Of all the quarterbacks he’s coached…

I know this is meant as a compliment, but it skirts close to “she has a nice personality” territory.

At least it’s a step up from “for a fat girl, you don’t sweat much”, though.


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40 responses to “Of all the quarterbacks he’s coached…

  1. “for a fat girl, you don’t sweat much”

    A legendary classic.


  2. 202dawg

    Damn… The Sen just keeps trollin’, trollin’, trollin’


  3. William Bigham

    There’s something to be said about a fat girl that doesn’t sweat ya know…


  4. Case closed. Thank you coach bobo for your tremendous coaching and for conclusively stating what I’ve been berated for expressing on this blog: that Hutson mason lacks talent. Talent, at least as I understand it, is a good thing and helps win football games. Lack of talent is a bad thing and contributes to losing football games. It really is that damn simple.


    • Uglydawg

      Damn it, Senator.
      Have you never heard of letting sleeping dogs lie?


    • TXBaller


      I read the quote as Bobo’s previous “students” underachieved and did not maximize their talents.


    • Biggus Rickus

      See, the problem with your opinion is that you don’t allow for a middle ground between a completely untalented QB, like a Tereshinski, and a supremely gifted QB, like an Aaron Murray. Mason is talented enough to play QB effectively on an elite offense. He is simply not as talented as most of his predecessors. His second half of this season has been pretty damned impressive.


      • He’s definitely playing his role well. My point hasn’t been that he’s played badly. My point has been that his limitations matter when it comes to game planning. It leaves us vulnerable. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad kid or that he isn’t trying etc. He’s made some beautiful throws in the red zone no doubt. It’s just better to have a QB situation where the opponent can’t justifiably say: let’s make the qb beat us. It’s less than optimal. I’d rather opponents say: we’re damned if we do damned if we don’t and hey offense, you’re gonna need to post 40 if we’re gonna win Saturday. That makes the other team more predictable etc… One of the reasons that we lost to UF is that they went in thinking they could limit our run, run the ball themselves and have a chance. Would have rather them think that the freshman was gonna need to put it in the air. Outcome determinative? Who can say. I don’t believe the limitations helped our cause though.


        • Bad M

          Well sure. I think everyone would wish there QB was Peyton Manning. Maybe I missed him on the depth chart?

          These are still kids by the way. Record setting kids.


        • 81Dog

          I’m confused. Are you saying that Hutson Mason’s limitations hurt our game planning for defending Florida’s run game? Or South Carolina’s over the middle passing game, or our FG kicking game? Because iif they didn’t, then your point is really pointless. If what you’re saying is that “If only Hutson Mason were Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, UGA’s offense could have scored 50 instead of 34 against South Carolina and we would have won,” or “We could have scored 50 against Florida and won,” well, if Napoleon had air support at the Battle of Waterloo, he could have won, too.


    • sUGArdaddy

      And yet, this no talent hack has us setting records for scoring, leading the SEC in passing efficiency (and setting school records to boot), and throwing the least INTs in the league. Oh, and we’re 8-2 and 9th in the country.


    • Yes because talent makes up for terrible decision making. Just ask guys like Maty Mauk and Bo Wallace. Simple as that, huh? I don’t think so…


  5. Will Trane

    Beat Tech, Bobo. We lost to Florida 2x”s this season.
    Will the rest of the offense, ie, the passing game spell Nick Chubb.
    The young man has carried a lot of the Dawgs fortunes re scoring.
    But there are some receivers and TEs who need to put some points on the board for Mason and Bobo.


  6. CannonDawg

    Sorry, but I don’t see that as a slur. If it is, then does stating the opposite, “He’s probably got the least out of his ability than anybody that I’ve ever had,” become a compliment?

    No talent? We have a chance to go 10-2 and possibly land in the SECCG. Mason isn’t Murray or Stafford or Greene, but no talent? C’mon, man.


  7. frankly

    I will freely admit that I had strong doubts about the ability of Mr Mason to lead this team to much more than a 7-5 type season. I am delighted to have been proven wrong.


  8. Brandon (Version 1)

    I think its an honest answer, reminds me of something Bobby Cox would have said. We are not used to candor in society anymore. We perceive it as crude.


    • Dawgwalker07

      Agreed. You could look at it as a backhanded compliment, but in reality Mason doesn’t have the physical tools as a Stafford, Murray, or Shockley. He just doesn’t. But he has been very efficient, made good decisions (minus first and goal at South Carolina -.-), and done what he’s needed to do to help this team win.


      • NoAxeToGrind

        If you are referring to the “first and dumb” play from the Carolina four, I don’t think one can blame Mason for that. That rests with the greatest offensive mind in college football…..the genius Bobo.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Said it before, I think Mason’s ability and game strongly resemble CMB’s when he was a player. Mostly a short range/high percentage pass type of QB that requires a strong running game and good OL to keep the pressure off, due to low mobility. Mason enjoys a better running game, D, and STs than most of the preceding QBs under CMR. He’s damn lucky to get this situation, so I hope he capitalizes on it.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    I agree with Coach Bobo.
    Can’t help but wonder how many Georgia fans would be willing to pay Hutson $10 for his autograph right now.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Good call Bobo..


  12. Macallanlover

    I think it is a great leap for Derek to take CMB’s comments as supporting the positions he has taken regarding Hutson Mason. It wasn’t meant in a derogatory manner at all. Where did he set the ceiling on Mason? At an unacceptable level for our team, or an SEC QB? For any person, whether in football or life, to get them most of his talents is a huge compliment. The fact that HM’s talents have been achieved enough to put him near the top of SEC QB’s in so many categories in his first season as a starter and have his team clicking on all cylinders is obvious….to most.

    Are we limited in our offense? Are you kidding me? Where are we lacking in offensive production? No one is saying he has Stafford’s cannon for an arm, or can throw the back shoulder pass like Murray, or could escape the pass rush like Shock, but when you measure the overall performance of his work this season, exactly what are you looking for? I hate it when our fans single out an individual who has produced, has been loyal, and has his team exceeding many of our expectations at this point with minimal mistakes. But he doesn’t “meet the expectations” of our qualified geniuses who know what our offense could be with….whom exactly? And many have been beating this same drum all season long despite the evidence to the contrary, and in the face of two very qualified, highly paid quarterback experts. Yeah, sure, I will take the internet geniuses’ opinions who stab a good kid in the back and not pay attention to the guys who attend practice. Dang, is it that hard to say you are sorry, and admit you were totally off base on this?


  13. GurleyGreed

    That just goes to show u how fucking stupid he is. Watch us lose this Saturday.


  14. Who cares what Bobo meant? I won’t be Mason’s agent so his pro prospects, if any, have no meaning to me. His achievements on the field speak for themselves.

    As for the actual comment, I do not think Bobo was struggling to say something nice and could only find something trivial to compliment. The passing efficiency metric and percentage completion metric are very important.

    I interpreted the comment as a praise to Mason’s achievement; doing something the guy whose raw talent made him, when first signed, the highest paid rookie in NFL history, could not do.


  15. Cojones

    It’s a shame that a QB with Hutson’s skills has to endure thoughtless jabs while playing such a high-profile position. He is not robotic nor does he play that way (you may recall his getting up slowly after a big hit, going back to the huddle and calling the play with a fist waving in everyone’s face.) . His talent, guts and proficiency are admirable as he takes us forward into the territory that fans want to be taken. We secretly are dependent upon him getting us there and all shouts of team encouragement are meant for him since he controls the remainder of the Offense. His style is business on the field, not some self-congratulatory “look-at-me” persona.

    Whether we acknowledge it or not, he has his stamp on this team and what we see this team accomplish is due to his leadership and control. It matters not what anyone says about him because he is impervious to fan idiosyncrasies and remarks when out on that field. He carries the pride of our University in his and our hearts on every play and has stayed with us when he could have moved on in his life.

    Hutson Mason gives us his all and I certainly hope that everyone lets him know that he is special in his last game in Sanford Stadium, Saturday.


  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    My God, the Hutson Mason Bandwagon is going to have to ad an upper deck…maybe even some sky boxes.

    Let er rip, Noodle….GATA!!!!


  17. Damn, Bobo! No need to mince words! Lol!


  18. 81Dog

    Me. personally, I think that is the highest compliment a coach can give a player. Pointing out that a player has squeezed every drop of potential out of his talent is praise. It’s also, perhaps, a backhanded reminder to other players who are half assing it that maybe they should get on the stick.

    There’s an old saying that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Bobo didn’t say HM didn’t have any talent, he just said the kid has gotten the most out of what he has of anyone Bobo’s ever coached. If you think that isn’t a compliment, then you don’t know very much about how much most coaches respect a good work ethic.

    Peyton Manning’s coaches, Tom Brady’s coaches, Michael Jordan’s coaches, all raved about how hard they all worked. Were those guys taking shots at their players? Some of you are half as clever as you think you are.