One thing about the plus-12.5

Tech under the genius doesn’t do big-ass point spreads well.

Widest point spreads against Tech in Johnson’s tenure

Team, year Line Result
Florida State, 2012 +15.5 L, 21-15
Georgia, 2012 +14.5 L, 42-10
Georgia, 2010 14 L, 42-34
Virginia Tech, 2010 13 L, 28-21
Clemson, 2012 +11 L, 47-31
Clemson, 2013 +10.5 L, 55-31

Yes, that would be a loss every time Georgia Tech has been a double-digit ‘dog. You have to respect consistency like that.


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4 responses to “One thing about the plus-12.5

  1. Russ

    There’s a surprise.


  2. watcher16

    Don’t jinx it!!


  3. Kanu

    As much as it pains me to defend them, it’s not really fair to compare anyone’s record straight up when a double digit underdog. They are 3-3 against the spread in those games, which isn’t bad actually. You wont find many teams that have a great straight up records as double digit dogs, UGA included. If they were 0-6 ATS then it would be much more fair to say they “don’t do big ass spreads well”.

    Here’s hoping for 0-7. Let them cover, just don’t let them win.


  4. Cojones

    That number started at 14, slipped to 12.5 and now resides at 13.5 (check your pool).

    I think your Hate Week posts and player quotes are influencing Vegas, Senator.