Tuesday morning buffet

Might as well have some.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    Not sure what is more embarrassing for North Carolina, the damage or the statement it was “exuberant over its first win over Duke since 2011”.

    Either way, they should send them over to clean it up. It’s not like they have to go to class.


  2. Tronan

    Hutson Mason: the Ken Anderson of our day.


  3. Reservoir Dawg

    Adelson? Really, Senator? With stuff like this?

    “Perhaps an eight-team playoff will rid us of the conference championship games, which are poorly attended and often anti-climactic. Let’s face it: Do we really need an afternoon in Atlanta to tell us Alabama is better than Georgia or Missouri?”

    Um, yeah. Did this guy actually watch the 2012 SECCG? Has he ever been to an SECCG? The quality of play in that game is NC caliber.

    or: “This is in part because evaluations of teams can’t be separated from evaluations of conferences. It’s not just about how good Alabama is; it’s about how good the SEC is. Since the SEC teams rarely go out of conference, and losses outside the conference are quickly dismissed (e.g. Missouri losing to Indiana), there’s really no way to ever resolve these discussions.”

    Last I checked (at least in the SEC East), UGA always plays GA Tech and usually Clemson, Sackerlina always plays Clemson, FU always plays FSU, Kentucky always plays Luville. That is, for the most part, some quality non-conference play.

    This assclown is a B1G homer: “Ohio State is currently out because of its one loss, even though quarterback J.T. Barrett has transformed himself from a raw freshman to a Heisman contender since that loss.” Boo-frickin’-hoo. Here’s hoping Corch has himself at least two more slices of sad this season.

    I know that you ain’t in on an 8 team playoff, but it just makes more sense from a settling-it-on-the-field standpoint. At least an undefeated Marshall would get a chance to get it’s ass beat in a bracket instead of settling for the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl. The bracket loss means a lot more than a trip to funky Nassau.


    • I know that you ain’t in on an 8 team playoff, but it just makes more sense from a settling-it-on-the-field standpoint.

      Depends how it’s structured.

      Give me four super conferences comprised of two eight-school divisions each and the first round of the playoffs being conference championship games, and I’m down with it.

      What we’re likely to get instead is some bastard hybridization of conference champs and wild card teams that’s going to do nothing but continue the pressure to enlarge the postseason pool. More like settling it in the bank accounts than settling it on the field.


  4. Brandon (Version 1)

    In regards to the UGA-Playoff talk we must have the following:
    1. Missouri must lose to put us in the SEC championship, otherwise we have zero chance.
    2. We must win out (and the more decisively the better) and beat the SEC West champion who ideally would be 11-1 Alabama since they are the biggest scalp you can get in college football today.
    3. In order for us to have any chance to get in the playoff there absolutely cannot be any SEC team with less than two losses. In order for the best scenario beauty contest wise mentioned above (UGA v. Bama in the SEC championship game) Ole Miss will have to beat Miss State this weekend giving Miss State two losses, Alabama must then beat Auburn with us hanging the second loss on Bama in the SEC championship game.
    3b. If Ole Miss does not beat Miss State (and thus give Miss State their second loss) then we need Auburn to beat Alabama Saturday night in the Iron Bowl. If both Alabama and Miss State finish the regular season 11-1, I believe Miss State would get the nod from the committee even if we beat Bama and win the conference.

    If all of the above happens we will be able to argue:
    1. That since all SEC teams have two losses and we are the conference champion we should be the representative from our conference.
    2. Part and parcel with this argument is that the SEC MUST have a representative because any playoff without an SEC representative would be illegitimate due to the strength of our conference. The past 8 years will help in this regard but we also need to demonstrate it in the regular season’s final week. We really need Florida to beat FSU. This would have the triple benefit of a) having Florida State lose b) further improving the SEC’s rep and c) rehabilitating our loss to Florida. The media would not be able to waive that loss around like a bloody shirt as to UGA anymore.
    2b. For the same reasons we need (though to a lesser extent) South Carolina to beat Clemson. As I mentioned in the comments yesterday, saying we narrowly lost to a 7-5 South Carolina team on the road early in the season is a lot better than 6-6 and South Carolina is SEC and we want to say that three schools from the maligned SEC East swept the ACC’s 3 best teams on the last week of the regular season. I realize we also played Clemson and that is currently one of our quality wins. If all goes well considering we will have just beaten 9-3 Georgia Tech (who hopefully will go on to win the ACC) and 11-2 Alabama or Miss State to end the season should leave us in pretty good shape in the quality win department, I don’t think it matters that much if Clemson is 9-3 or 8-4 at that point. To put it bluntly, the rehabilitation of our losses (to the extent possible) through on the field results matters more.

    If all that plays out we might could leapfrog several one loss teams in other conferences. To be in the best position to do that we need the SEC sweep of the ACC in the last week of the regular season, we need solid victories over Tech and the SEC West champ (game control), but in all likely hood regardless we will need at least one maybe two of the following to happen:

    1. Oregon loses another game.
    2. Ohio State loses another game
    3. Baylor loses another game.
    4. TCU loses another game.
    5. In addition to Florida State losing to Florida, they also lose the ACC championship game to Tech.

    I am not worried about UCLA, they already have two losses and the two loss SEC champion (assuming there are no SEC teams with less than two losses) will get the nod over two loss UCLA.


    • Honestly, if Georgia comes back to win the SEC this season, I’ll be a happy camper.

      No, make that a damned happy camper.


      • Brandon (Version 1)

        Me too. But the carnage above can happen, hell the SEC has swept the ACC numerous times on the last weekend, even when the ACC appeared to have the stronger hand on paper.


      • Amazing how winning the SEC is getting lost in the wash of making the playoff beauty contest. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that nobody saw this coming. 😉

        Looks like the 4 team playoff is just doing its job to finish off the importance of conference championships that the BCS already started diminishing.


        • Brandon (Version 1)

          Not from my perspective, we absolutely have to win the conference to have any shot at the playoff. We all want the biggest trophy there is though, I’m just mapping out what I think has to happen for us to get it. I am not interested in getting into the playoff no playoff pissing contest with anyone. I have actually always been a traditionalist who thinks an extended playoff will ruin the regular season but we are living in a four team playoff era now whether we like it or not.


    • I actually think Miss St losing would hurt Georgia’s chances.

      => Assume Georgia wins out. Honestly, I don’t think this will happen and all of this is just another example of us doing the most foolish thing possible: having hope. But hey, you’re telling me there’s a chance? Ok. So we win out.

      We need the SEC to look as strong as possible. Georgia’s win over Alabama has to look spectacular. That win is weakened if Miss St. chokes to Ole Miss – especially after Ole Miss laid that egg last weekend.

      I don’t think a 2 loss Georgia, conference champ, having just beaten Alabama, gets passed over for a 1 loss Miss St that lost to Alabama. It is possible of course, but it seems less likely imho.

      I think if the SEC is full of a bunch of 2 loss teams, with 2 loss Georgia as the champ, you will instead see some 4 of these 5: FSU, Oregon, Ohio State, TCU, Baylor.

      Unless some of those 5 lose, of course.

      But I could be wrong! 🙂


      • Brandon (Version 1)

        I don’t think we’ll get in even if we win the conference if Miss State is 11-1. The conference championship will be a tiebreaker I think but it won’t lift us over another SEC team one better in the loss column. Remember in 2007, LSU and Georgia each had two losses, the conference championship was the tie breaker. As I said, even if all of those things happen we need at least one maybe two of the five named to lose. Anyway, I get what you are saying about hope, I’m a sucker for lost causes though.


  5. RE: Hutson Mason’s accuracy record.

    If Mason sets this record, does anyone feel it is a little less meaningful because of his low yards and the fact that he was rarely called on to pass very much? As a result, when he did pass, it was usually very high percentage passing situations.

    I lean towards no, that doesn’t cheapen it. The numbers don’t lie over an entire season, and while the above isn’t a completely baseless argument, there are plenty of “game manager” QBs who don’t achieve 68% completion rate.


    • Tronan

      I agree with you. As I implied in my Ken Anderson comparison above, Mason’s kind of accuracy tends to come from a playbook that emphasizes high percentage passes. And that’s fine. There are plenty of QBs who have a similar playbook and aren’t as accurate as Mason. He’s fit in well in the system Bobo has employed this year.


    • It doesn’t cheapen it anymore than QBs who get 4,000+ in a season by throwing 50 passes a game. A 68% completion rate is remarkable regardless of how many yards one throws for, and for a first year QB in a power run offense it’s especially impressive.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      I also lean towards “no”, and to play devil’s advocate with your hypothesis – lots of factors, here. For instance, for a team with few passes, or when you’re rarely called on to pass, many of those will be in obvious passing situations where the defense is expecting it, or it’s 3rd and long, or trying to overcome a deficit in the 4th quarter, etc. So those are not always easy.


      • True. Good points.

        Not to mention, you don’t have the opportunity to get into a rhythm when you throw sporadically and only ~10-20 times a game.

        Furthermore, since our run game is beastly, we don’t do many “pseudo run game” short pass plays that a lot of QBs feast on for completion percentage and yards.


  6. Nate Dawg

    At this pt, a SEC Championship for UGA would be amazing. Anything else is gravy. However, let me pull out my tin foil hat and say this – I have some real concerns for the SECC game with ANY 11-1 SECW team when it comes to fair officiating. Espcially if it’s bammer. Call me crazy, but I just do. Hell, how could you not?
    Oh yeah, and Mark Richt has lost control of North Carolina. Shame, shame…


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    The ACC, that bastion of ivory towers and ivy, seems to have replaced the SEC as the bad boys of college football. I note the academic scandal at UNC, the little deal with Miamuh and, oh, the continuing personal problems of the quarterback at Florida State University and Florida State University’s sublime indifference to it all.

    Even Tennessee, founder of the Fulmer Cup, has noticed that ugly behavior off the field should preclude performance on the field.

    But, of course, it is all because of poor media relations.


  8. Will Train

    Not sure where Mizzou or Dawgs go on Friday or Saturday. But if both win out, then you have to ask this. What in the hell happened to the SECW? LSU? Texas A&M? Auburn? Ole MIss? And if by chance AU beats Bama 2 years in a row. Well, the SECW is toast, even MSU.
    Dawgs need to win and play solid Saturday. This will be a very tough game for the players and coaching staff. Can not have any injuries either. Win out Dawgs and you are looking at a very high post season ranking.


  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    The most important thing the DAWGS need to do is whip the stinkin yaller jackets, the more the better. Sco and Sco some mo. Physically whip em and then let the genius go get some icing and put it on his fried fish. Constipated lookin dough boy.


  10. Mayor

    This observation on PAC 12 officiating and the replay officials getting chastised by the league office for reversing calls without sufficient evidence: The PAC 12 officiating is bad, but not as bad as SEC officiating, including the SEC TV refs. This season I have seen reversals by SEC TV refs of calls that were right on the field and that any unbiased reviewer would not reverse. One that comes to mind immediately is the non-fumble called by the game officials in the Clemson-Georgia game which was reversed by the TV ref. The broadcast crew had a retired TV ref there serving as an expert. They asked him about the reversal and his flabbergasted response was that there was no way the call should have been reversed, if anything the replay showed there was no fumble and if HE had been the TV ref he never would have reversed the call. Pretty damning, right? Crickets from the SEC office on that one. In fact crickets from the SEC office all the damn time on the consistently bad calls coming from certain crews, including TV refs. It fuels the perception that something is “not right” with SEC officiating when nothing ever gets done about it, too. Cudos to the PAC 12 for at least writing the linked letter admitting that the TV ref screwed up and saying the responsible parties will be disciplined–something you would never see coming from the SEC.


    • So then, I take it, should the Dawgs reach the crucial SEC Title game against either an 11-1 Alabama or an 11-1 State the antennae will be UP and tensions will be high in the Home of the Mayor?


  11. Two tangential thoughts, but has anyone else noticed 1)how aOSU’s loss AT HOME to a 5-6 team has been neatly swept out of sight in discussions of their playoff merit? And 2)that Oregon is playing in a Pac12 division in which it is the only team with a winning record? If UCLA beats Stanford and Washington drops the finale to WSU, each of those teams will finish tied for 2nd-place at 4-5!