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Finish The Fight

Hype video for the Tech game is pretty good.  See it here.


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They want Missouri!

“Georgia, when at its best, is just better. Whichever team comes out of the West, whether it be Alabama or Mississippi State, should be pulling for Missouri on Saturday.”

The Mizzou game is Friday, but you get the drift from a couple of Alabama writers.


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Thursday morning buffet

Buffet on Thanksgiving?  Too much?




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Both of these can’t be right.

The current lede on the main clip at ESPN’s College Football page asks:  “How do rivalry games get even more important? When playoff spots are on the line.”

Meanwhile, from Andy Staples:

Georgia Tech at Georgia: Instead of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, we could see Clean, Old-Fashioned Trying Not To Get Anybody Hurt With Conference Championship Games Next Week. The Bulldogs will learn Friday at the end of the Arkansas-Missouri game whether they’ll play for the SEC title next week. The Yellow Jackets are already slotted to face Florida State for the ACC title. The dynamics of the game could be quite odd if each team is looking ahead to trying to win a conference title the following week.

Does that mean he thinks Tech won’t resort to cut blocking as much?  But I digress…  oh, yeah.  Nothing here that an eight- or sixteen-team playoff can’t improve.


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Look at the turkeys falling from the sky!

Official GTP policy:  you can’t fully appreciate Thanksgiving without watching this clip at least once.

I don’t want to get too maudlin on you guys, but with the health issues I’ve worked my way through this year, I’ve got plenty to be grateful for.  No way I stay sane without family and friends, both in the flesh and virtual.  Bless you all.

And as a Dawg fan, I’m glad Todd Gurley has this to be grateful for.

Enjoy your holiday, peeps.


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