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Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert.

Ah, hell.  Felt bad about the game when the fumble call was overturned near the end of the first half.

Congrats to Missouri, who did it the hard way.

Next time, don’t take Florida lightly, Dawgs.

On to Tech.


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When Georgia Tech has the ball…

Here’s something else to fret about.

If this turns into a shootout type of game, the Bulldogs do have enough artillery on offense to keep up, but they’ll need to make the most of possessions given that the Yellow Jackets are good at holding on to the football offensively for long stretches of time.

Can I say this doesn’t bother me as much as it does others?

Last year, Georgia spotted Tech a 20-point lead.  If there was ever a time when Tech’s vaunted control over time of possession would lead to an easy win, that was it.

Except, of course, it didn’t.

And then there was the 2010 game.  Tech ran 92 plays to Georgia’s 48.  Tech controlled the clock for a ridiculous 38:14.  And, you guessed it, still managed to lose a game in which Mike Bobo’s playcalling managed to drive me nuts.

Bobo is better at what he does now.  Georgia Tech isn’t.



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Forget about if Auburn can beat Alabama…

After reading Bill Connelly’s game preview, I’m wondering if Auburn’s gonna score on Alabama.

It’s not just that Saban’s defense is freakin’ good – it is…

Even by Alabama’s ridiculous standards, the Crimson Tide run defense is fantastic. They rank first in Rushing S&P+ and first in Standard Downs S&P+, and even removing sacks, opponents are averaging 3.6 yards per carry. Bama hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown since October 11.

Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott and Josh Robinson gained 123 yards in 33 carries (3.7 per carry); LSU’s running backs gained 137 in 41 (3.3). You aren’t going to rely on your ground game alone to set up scores against a disciplined Alabama front seven. You have to be able to throw. Alabama has allowed eight touchdowns in its last five games — three of eight possessions began in Alabama territory, and 64 percent of the yardage on those drives came through the air.

… it’s that Malzahn’s offense has been in a state of steady decline for several games now, since Duke Williams went down.

When Duke Williams sprained his MCL against Texas A&M, the passing game hit some bumps. Nick Marshall was 4-for-4 for 30 yards until Williams got hurt. On Marshall’s next 12 pass attempts against A&M, he completed five of 10 for 40 yards and was sacked twice. He rebounded to complete a couple of fourth-quarter bombs, but the consistency Marshall had established in his previous five games — 62 percent completion rate, 14.3 yards per completion, 10 touchdowns, three picks — was gone.

Against Georgia and Samford, Marshall completed 54 percent with one score and two picks. Including sacks, he averaged 4.9 yards per attempt vs. Georgia. The balance was gone.

Williams is expected to play tomorrow.  That can’t hurt, sure, but how effective will he be coming off an injury and how smooth a transition does the offense make getting him back?  Given the way the Tigers play offense, it’s weird to think that a receiver, even one as good as Williams is, is the key to scoring on the Tide.


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“…It’s a game you think about all year long.”

I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating:  Georgia could lose tomorrow, but it won’t be because the Dawgs don’t show up.

“We do try to take every game serious around here, but you know this one, it’s the end of the year,” coach Mark Richt said. “It is a rival game. It does get our blood pumping and if you show up with the right mental attitude, you got a better chance.”

… The message has come through loud and clear during coach Richt’s 13 seasons.

“I learned quickly about the rivalry,” senior inside linebacker Ramik Wilson, a Tampa native said. “We’ve been handling business as long as I’ve been here so we’re going to keep that tradition going.”

… That’s something that even somebody who hasn’t played in the game knew before the week began.

“It’s Georgia Tech,” Bulldogs freshman tailback Nick Chubb said. “We’re going to get their all and they’re going to get our all.”

But that’s only part of it.  The genius sounds like a guy who thinks he’s playing with house money.

Johnson heard about it on his Monday night radio show this week from a caller named Clark: “My question is one thing: When are we going to beat Georgia because it’s been a while.”

A day later, Johnson said this about the rivalry: “We get it that’s an important game. I also get it that it’s not going to destroy the year or make the year if you win or lose the game. It’s one game. They’re not in our league. …Nobody wants to have to take crap at the water cooler. That’s the bottom line. You want to have bragging rights. If you beat Florida State in the ACC championship game, odds are you don’t want to run into their alumni every day.”

… Georgia Tech already has exceeded expectations. It was picked to finish fifth in the ACC Coastal Division but was presented its division title trophy this week in practice.

That’s why Johnson doesn’t make this game the end all and be all.

“I’m not going to let it define our program if we don’t go to Athens and win a game,” Johnson said.

And that’s why I’m not going to worry about whether the results of today’s Arkansas-Missouri game might affect Georgia’s mindset tomorrow.  Because Paul Johnson doesn’t deserve to win that game.


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Revenge of the nerds

Georgia Tech, you’re so Georgia Tech.

Bless your little pointy hearts.


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An observation and a vow

So LSU, which basically is on par offensively with Florida, raked Texas A&M’s defense with 491 yards last night.  Nice.  (I said it before and I’ll say it again – if Florida had drawn TAMU instead of Alabama on the schedule this year, Boom would still be gainfully employed at Florida for another season.)

For all the talk about how the two Big 12 teams came in and showed the big, bad SEC they belonged, TAMU has really settled in nicely to a mediocre existence.  The Aggies are the late-60s Jaguar XKE of the conference, flashy looking, fun to drive, providing the occasional thrill, but ultimately in the shop more than on the road.  Meanwhile, Missouri is more like a V-8 Lexus sedan, nothing special to look at, but comfortable and reliable.  Oh, yeah, and the Tigers can play a little defense.  Maybe that still matters these days.

That being said, Mizzou needs to go down today.  So here’s my promise:  Hogs win and I’ll lay off calling Bret Bielema “Bert” for the next year.  Karma, y’all.


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