An observation and a vow

So LSU, which basically is on par offensively with Florida, raked Texas A&M’s defense with 491 yards last night.  Nice.  (I said it before and I’ll say it again – if Florida had drawn TAMU instead of Alabama on the schedule this year, Boom would still be gainfully employed at Florida for another season.)

For all the talk about how the two Big 12 teams came in and showed the big, bad SEC they belonged, TAMU has really settled in nicely to a mediocre existence.  The Aggies are the late-60s Jaguar XKE of the conference, flashy looking, fun to drive, providing the occasional thrill, but ultimately in the shop more than on the road.  Meanwhile, Missouri is more like a V-8 Lexus sedan, nothing special to look at, but comfortable and reliable.  Oh, yeah, and the Tigers can play a little defense.  Maybe that still matters these days.

That being said, Mizzou needs to go down today.  So here’s my promise:  Hogs win and I’ll lay off calling Bret Bielema “Bert” for the next year.  Karma, y’all.



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22 responses to “An observation and a vow

  1. His name is Bret…really? well I’ll be a son-of a b—-. Did not know that .OK I’m in ….I’ll call em what ever they want but just run for 400 yards and crush the alternative life-style Tigers.
    Are we still the only team from the East to beat a team from the the West conference ?


  2. WF dawg

    I’ll do you one better. I’m prepared to make Arkansas my second-favorite SEC team, if they win today.


    • They are my 2nd favorite and it easy to cheer for them….but I just can’t do that sueeee thing. It is so unattractive. Although I was told by a DM in LA once that barking like a DAWG did not become me. 🐶


  3. RugbyDawg79

    The car analogy got to me-In the shop a lot or not , I would much rather have the 60’s XKE . 🙂
    Go Dawgs


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    “fun to drive, ” Fun to be SEEN driving, maybe…fun to drive? sure if you like driving a swoopy tractor…better than the big Healy, but not much.

    Steering an E-type in traffic negated the need to work your arms and shoulders at the gym.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    If arky wins I promise to yell ‘suuuuwwweeeeh pig’ in front of friends, family and strangers.


  6. Baitstand

    What will you call him if they lose?


  7. Debby Balcer

    I am pulling for Arkansas my dad is from there and I was raised calling the hogs. We moved to GA when I was in middle school and my allegiance slowly changed. I root for the hogs unless they play GA.


  8. Have met some mighty fine people from Arkansas. 😉


  9. bulldog91

    Really sad that we have to sit around and wait for Arkansas to help us out because we can’t take care of our own business. It’s really more than sad, it is pathetic. I am sick of UGA underachievement and just needed to vent.


  10. Mike

    Looks like you can still call him Bert.


  11. After that game, he is BERT to me…..forever.

    And that’s what happens when you have to rely on another team/coach in order to achieve your goals.

    Just beat the hell out of Tech, Dawgs.