“…It’s a game you think about all year long.”

I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating:  Georgia could lose tomorrow, but it won’t be because the Dawgs don’t show up.

“We do try to take every game serious around here, but you know this one, it’s the end of the year,” coach Mark Richt said. “It is a rival game. It does get our blood pumping and if you show up with the right mental attitude, you got a better chance.”

… The message has come through loud and clear during coach Richt’s 13 seasons.

“I learned quickly about the rivalry,” senior inside linebacker Ramik Wilson, a Tampa native said. “We’ve been handling business as long as I’ve been here so we’re going to keep that tradition going.”

… That’s something that even somebody who hasn’t played in the game knew before the week began.

“It’s Georgia Tech,” Bulldogs freshman tailback Nick Chubb said. “We’re going to get their all and they’re going to get our all.”

But that’s only part of it.  The genius sounds like a guy who thinks he’s playing with house money.

Johnson heard about it on his Monday night radio show this week from a caller named Clark: “My question is one thing: When are we going to beat Georgia because it’s been a while.”

A day later, Johnson said this about the rivalry: “We get it that’s an important game. I also get it that it’s not going to destroy the year or make the year if you win or lose the game. It’s one game. They’re not in our league. …Nobody wants to have to take crap at the water cooler. That’s the bottom line. You want to have bragging rights. If you beat Florida State in the ACC championship game, odds are you don’t want to run into their alumni every day.”

… Georgia Tech already has exceeded expectations. It was picked to finish fifth in the ACC Coastal Division but was presented its division title trophy this week in practice.

That’s why Johnson doesn’t make this game the end all and be all.

“I’m not going to let it define our program if we don’t go to Athens and win a game,” Johnson said.

And that’s why I’m not going to worry about whether the results of today’s Arkansas-Missouri game might affect Georgia’s mindset tomorrow.  Because Paul Johnson doesn’t deserve to win that game.



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25 responses to ““…It’s a game you think about all year long.”

  1. If Fish Fry really feels that way, he’s not going to be on the Flats much longer. This game defines their fan base and alumni so much they don’t understand anything else.


  2. dudemankind

    Sure wish we had seen this kind of chatter leading up to Florida.


  3. Uglydawg

    The AJC seems determined to run stories and feature atricles about the few GT wins in modern history. It’s as if they want to make is seem like it’s been fairly even.
    I say Georgia runs it down Tech’s throat and runs clock like they did against the barners. Very few passes..just enough to keep the yellow smear honest.


  4. Tech’s passing D is nothing to brag about ranking 12th in ACC. Their run D is middle of the road. Their kick return team is pretty good and their turn over ratio in 2nd in the ACC.


  5. Chadwick

    He’s practicing the fine art of lowering expectations. His next trick will be to call the game a scrimmage. Seriously? He knows he won’t win this game with any consistency, so why play it up? Easier to get an extension if you can convince yourself, the AA and the fans that it isn’t important. Heck, the Trek fans I know are happy to follow his lead unless they win the game.


    • I think you are probably right on the money.

      He knows he will never win this game consistency, so he needs to do everything he can to diminish its importance.

      Sadly, it won’t work because for the fan base, Georgia is still their biggest and most important game of the season.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ll qualify the following by saying I want us to beat the ship out of gtu. I’m sorry if it pisses anybody off, but I’d much rather be prepared for, and beat, fu. It’s by far the more important game to our goals and interests. The road to the best recruits, the secc, and mnc doesn’t go anywhere near the flats. The best I can say about beating gtu is its a consolation prize. It has little meaning other than ribbing eachother about the results over the backyard fence. There may even be more fu fans (and bama and barn fans) in GA than gtu fans. I’m trying, but its not easy getting into a lather of good ole fashioned hate for an opponent that sucks so bad, so often. Now fu, I can work up some real mean hate for them without much effort.


    • Everyone has a team they hate to lose to. Mine is uT and we are owning them so life is good. But honestly with respect to Forida… that ship has sailed. We have the Techsters between the hedges. It will be our last game there for awhile.


  7. Russ

    I thought we are playing tech this week. Why all the blather about other games and teams? I’m looking forward to a serious beatdown of a Big 5 division winning opponent tomorrow, one that just happens to be one of our most hated and longest rivals.


  8. The issue is that we “spill milk” every year. We consistently lack focus during the year which costs us games. If Arky fails to deliver then a lackluster effort is likely. Doesn’t mean superior talent might win the game but we either lose or it’s closer than it should be


    • We didn’t have our focus on them in 2007 after UT beat UK. Oh yeah, we blew them out in Atlanta that night. The only win they’ve had in the Richt era was the result of a rash of turnovers in 2008. We take care of the ball, we win.


    • I totally feel ya man, but at the same time, life is short. Enjoy this week and hopefully enjoy us kicking the shit out of the yellow smear (someone else coined this term and I love it).


  9. I’ll be honest. I don’t like that the Missouri/Arkansas game is today.