“It’s all about the rhythm, all about the groove.”

Just an awesome story about the greatest college football song ever written.

Brown was a fan of Georgia and defensive coach Erk Russell, and even before the Kentucky halftime show showed up from time to time unannounced, jumping up on a raised platform with the cheerleaders while 59,000 fans in Sanford Stadium watched.

Dooley was actually there in an Atlanta recording studio when Brown recorded the song.

The late “Happy Howard” Williamson, a rabid Bulldog fan and onetime radio color commentator for Georgia football, had written some words down.

As Brown read the words he said them out loud in a kind of rhythmic chant, and in a while Brown’s band joined in one by one, blending their parts with Brown’s.

“He just made it up,” Dooley said.

I don’t really need to tell you to read the whole thing, do I?


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6 responses to ““It’s all about the rhythm, all about the groove.”

  1. Gurkha Dawg

    Graduated from UGA IN 1977 and remember that day well. If I remember, that Kentucky capt was a defensive end and ate us up. I’m from Augusta and ran into Mr Brown several times. Nicest guy u could ever meet.


  2. Rob

    The other great thing that happened that day was that a group watching the game from the bridge unfurled a huge banner that read: “Prince Charles does it dawg style.” A proud moment for Bulldogs around the world.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    I always had heard/read that this particular performance was performed in the Gator Bowl, not Sanford Stadium. At around the 2:05 mark, you can make out “Gator Bowl” in the endzone.


  4. Russ

    Damn, that fires me up!


  5. Reservoir Dawg

    Damn good prince! He hit on a majorette as he walked the field at halftime. Wonder if he remembers that day.


  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    This made me smile. The recent HBO documentary about JB “Mr.Dynamite” is great.