Jimmy Sexton makes bank. So what else is new?

Hugh Freeze moves north of the four million dollar line, once again proving that Jimmy Sexton’s favorite season is the offseason.

And check out what the future holds in store, per Ole Miss’ AD:

“The new number became $3 million last year. We’re at $3 million. So what’s the new number (now)? Is it closer to 4? I don’t know that 5 is the new norm yet,” he said.

Who says you can’t put a price tag on Mark Richt’s loyalty?  Not Greg McGarity, that’s for sure.



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7 responses to “Jimmy Sexton makes bank. So what else is new?

  1. Bulldog Joe

    I bet Greg dreads this time of year more than April 15.


  2. Really? Is he that tight?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    “…you can’t put a price tag on Mark Richt’s loyalty”

    McGarity should be far more concerned with the pricetags of CMB’s, CJP’s and McClendon’s loyalty. When CMR refers to a promising future, I assume he’s talking about those assistants. Otherwise, I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Those assistants do the heavy lifting. They are essential to the program and would be nearly impossible to replace.


  4. Bright Idea

    Being tight plus the blather after every loss will bring us down sooner rather than later. Somebody or 2 somebodies will get tired of it and bolt.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Greg “Minimum Wage” McGarity responded, “Suckers, why pay for something you already have?”


  6. 69Dawg

    Greg’s no dummy. Mark Richt is not going to demand more money. He and his wife are on record saying they make more money than they ever wanted. The problem is the assistants. They need to be paid as well as the other SEC assistants. If CJP has a great D next year how long do you think he is going to hang around. I still don’t know what he was thinking coming to us in the first place. I guess what he said about what his father said was true. I’m sure the assistants stay because of Mark and not because of anything magical about UGA.