Calling Pork Rind Jimmy!

Hard to believe, but one day Arkansas fans may look back on the Houston Nutt era as a period of relative calm and stability.

With a little work, Jeff Long could be the new Mike Hamilton.


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26 responses to “Calling Pork Rind Jimmy!

  1. Mayor

    Jeff Long is a sh!tty AD. The fact that they picked that bozo to be Chair/spokesman for the committee that selects the 4 playoff participants says a real lot about that committee and it’s all bad.


  2. Jack Klompus

    I’m sure he saw how it worked out for Freeze and said…”Get me some of dat”
    Not sure which is the better job.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he leaves. After a few years at Ark, he now realizes just how brutal the SEC is, in which he’s essentially coaching with one arm tied behind his back going up against the likes of Bama, AU, and LSU, and all their inherent advantages over them. Remember, he lost something like 16 straight SEC games until just a few weeks ago, which must have left him totally shell-shocked.


    • BMan

      It’s pretty interesting. When he was at Wisconsin, he was claiming the SEC glory was all based on one team. In two years, he must have wondered if he was playing that one team 16 straight times.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Yep. BTW I forgot TAMU and their advantages as well. Ole Miss perhaps also has an edge over them, which puts Arkansas at best in the 5th spot in the SEC West. Given his massive ego, in which he’s claimed that his career is essentially more impressive than Saban’s, and I just don’t see him sticking around at a place where it will be almost impossible to beat the top teams consistently.

        Besides, Nebraska seems to be a perfect fit for both, given his midwest roots, his love of tough D and power O football, etc. Nebraska is tired of the west coast (Callahan) and spread offense (Pelini) stuff and wants to get back to their roots, so again Bielma makes total sense.


      • Russ

        “In two years, he must have wondered if he was playing that one team 16 straight times.”



  4. Spike

    Yea, ole Brett got his ass handed to him by the SEC the last two years. No wonder he may bail ….


  5. Irwin R. Flecher

    All my Nebraska friends be like “No, we wouldn’t want Richt”…lol.


  6. DC Weez

    Bert is the best Nebraska can find? How the mighty have fallen.


  7. Mudcats Impala...

    Bo Mattingly

    Sources tell me Bret Bielema is not going to Nebraska.
    4:30 PM – 3 Dec 2014

    Dunno, just passing it along… 🙂


  8. UF to hire ULaLa coach? Please say it’s so..,


    • Will (The Other One)

      If Foley spent all that time flying out to Colorado begging McElwain and comes up empty there will be much enjoyable whining and gnashing of teeth by the Gators.


      • Mayor

        I’m reading that the cheap Gay-turds don’t want to pay McElwain’s buy-out and the Colorado State folks aren’t backing down on it. $7.5 Mil. The Gay-turds owe Muschamp and his staff $8 Mil. Talk about an expensive hire!! Maybe they should have kept Agent Boom on. He did beat Georgia after all.


  9. A division with just wisky does sound better than the sec west. Of course he would have the same disadvantages at Nebraska that he does at arky. Would only face it when he plays osu, mich st, and some day soon michigan.


  10. Macallanlover

    After leaving a QB in for 2 Qtrs after it was obvious he was too hurt to be effective, I am surprised anyone would consider him. In the 4th Qtr he had to helped to his feet several times and missed receivers by over 10 yards multiple times. Arkansas’ training staff should have been in his face, that was a potential liability case waiting to happen. Jerk cost us a trip to Atlanta and a shot at a title, and maybe the GT games as well. I hope he stays until he is fired and then has to look for work, which never seems to happen in CFB.


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s musical chairs folks. Who’s gonna be left standing?


  12. Pork Rind Jimmy and Stuck in Mudd are the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of Bert ball. Other than their awesome names, what would they be left with if he splits for Lincoln to cure the bad juju of firing Frank Solich?