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‘Hey Verne, Happy Gilmore!’

This terrific piece on Verne Lundquist is worth a look, if only to watch the clip entitled “The art of Verne Lundquist’s laugh”.

And before some of you dump on Uncle Verne for losing a step, the man knows the end draws near as well as you do.

“I can tell the memory is not as good as it once was,” Lundquist said. “I don’t want to limp out. I don’t want the last words to be, ‘Well, shoot, he should have quit last year.’

“Craig [Silver] and I talk every week. We discuss the quality of the broadcasts. He will let me know. Sean will let me know. I’ll know before anybody.”

So chill.  Just like so many other broadcasters who were icons to my generation, Lundquist will be missed by me when he’s gone.



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Keeping ’em home

Over at Dawg Post, Dean Legge reacts to the commitment of Darius Slayton:

Today’s commitment from Slayton, who multiple insiders have maintained for some time is one of the “absolute must-get guys out there”, pushed Georgia past Alabama for the top spot. That’s a monumental move on a couple of different levels.

First, pushing to the number one spot means that a program has done the recruiting work over the last few years to position themselves to be number one.

Second, it means a program has won big recruiting battles.

As good as Alabama has been, and they are elite in recruiting, Georgia has more than held its own this recruiting cycle with the Tide. All indications are that Terry Godwin will sign with Georgia, and former Bama commit Jonathan Ledbetter will as well. The Dawgs lost Rico McGraw to the Tide, and Columbus native Mekhi Brown still appears headed to Tuscaloosa.

The biggest driver in Georgia’s surge to the top has been in-state success. For the record, I don’t think you, specifically, have to keep all of your in-state prospects. Often players really don’t fit best at Georgia (see RB Oregon commit Taj Griffin from McEachern). After all, some of the best players over the last few years at Georgia have been from out of state (Todd Gurley and Aaron Murray come to mind).

Nonetheless, of the top ten players in the state of Georgia, the Bulldogs very well could sign six of the top ten (Thompson, Godwin, R. Smith, Slayton, Ledbetter and D. Walker). That’s a recruiting rate that’s, quite frankly, never been accomplished in Athens. None in the top ten are expected to wind up at Florida, Alabama or Auburn.

Obviously, you can think of the same caveats that come to my mind.  It’s a long way to February.  And even if you sign them, that doesn’t mean you keep them, as the incredible shrinking class of 2013 demonstrates.

But that the staff is finally pushing back against the in state encroachment on the recruiting front we’ve all fretted about since Saban showed up in Tuscaloosa is welcome news.  No way Richt is ever going to erect a fence around the state – the geographic advantage Auburn has around the Columbus area and the same thing FSU enjoys in parts of south Georgia argue against that ever happening – but the home team should be able to take in a steady stream of the best high school talent the state offers, especially since Georgia Tech doesn’t.  It’s a crucial development and it’s important for the Georgia program to make sure it’s not merely a one-year bump.

The one surprising thing about the article is that there is no mention of Jeremy Pruitt.  It’s hard to believe his arrival and the uptick at recruiting are mere coincidences.


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Maybe Boom can learn how to throw a visor disgustedly from the master.

Here’s a breathless report that Steve Spurrier’s got him a new DC.  And aside from making Muschamp the highest paid assistant in America, all it costs is naming him coach-in-waiting.  I guess Muschamp feels like his odds of succession in Columbia are better than they were in Austin.

Then again, maybe it’s grain of salt time.


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“There was no mention in a police incident report about who tied the customer’s ankles together.”

If you’re proud of how Todd Gurley composed himself earlier in the year when accosted in a downtown Athens bar, wait ’til you see how Zach DeBell stepped up in Toppers.

Please, please, someone in the media, ask Mark Richt for a comment on this.  Please.


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“We all recognize that TCU lost to Baylor.”

You know, I thought it would take a few years for the debate over the fourth playoff slot to metastasize into a reason to grow the postseason.  But I’m starting to think the whole Baylor-TCU debate could push that timetable up.

Baylor losing to Kansas State would make the matter moot, of course, but if the Bears win, it’s kind of hard to rebut the AD’s argument:

“If we can beat Kansas State, we’re 11-1, we’re Big 12 champions, we have the tiebreaker over TCU — despite the interesting discussion about that — and we feel like we’ll have three top-15 caliber wins, including a win over one of the other five top-six [teams],” said McCaw. “We feel our resume stacks up as strongly as anybody’s.”

Unless you’re Gary Patterson, who’s come up with the rationalization of the season.

“I would tell you the most even playing field was the West Virginia game,” said TCU’s Gary Patterson. “We both had to go there, we both had to play a team that’s tough to beat in Morgantown, and we were able to get it done.”

More relevant than head-to-head?  My, that’s convenient for the coach who won there.

If Baylor beats KSU, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear the WWL spend more time chewing over the decision between the two than the rest of the field combined.  And, guaranteed, Jeff Long will live up to being Jeff Long.


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Premature celebration

There is just something epic about this play… no, not just UCF pulling out a win on a last minute Hail Mary, but one of ECU’s defensive backs starting to unbuckle his head gear before the catch is made.

At least he made it easier to read his reaction after the catch.

Lookin’ good, brah.


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Déjà vu all over again

So, reports out of the Plains are that Boom and Gus are getting close to tying the knot, “but still some staffing issue (sic) needs to be smoothed out”.

Gee, Dawg fans, where have we heard that kind of stuff before?  Anybody want to take bets on who the “issue” is?


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Musical palate cleanser, damn it, not another one edition

Ian McLagan, R.I.P.

This shit is getting old.  Mortality sucks.

Most folks’ familiarity with McLagan stems from his work in the ’70s with Faces and Rod Stewart, but today’s clip comes from the Small Faces, when Steve Marriott fronted the band.  It’s my favorite song of theirs, “Tin Soldier”.

I swoon every time I hear that electric piano intro.

As a bonus, here’s the tune again in 2011, during the Faces reunion tour.  McLagan still has the touch.


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