Musical palate cleanser, damn it, not another one edition

Ian McLagan, R.I.P.

This shit is getting old.  Mortality sucks.

Most folks’ familiarity with McLagan stems from his work in the ’70s with Faces and Rod Stewart, but today’s clip comes from the Small Faces, when Steve Marriott fronted the band.  It’s my favorite song of theirs, “Tin Soldier”.

I swoon every time I hear that electric piano intro.

As a bonus, here’s the tune again in 2011, during the Faces reunion tour.  McLagan still has the touch.



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13 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, damn it, not another one edition

  1. Chopdawg

    XM Channel 27 said the band, including Rod Stewart, was getting back together for a tour next year.


  2. Tronan

    Here’s Faces doing a Small Faces tune on a Rod Stewart album (got all that?). Mac has a soulful turn on the Hammond.


  3. Mudcats Impala...

    I’m with you Senator, I turned 60 in November & as you said…

    “This shit is getting old. Mortality sucks” 😉


    • Atticus

      AHD, I got your list about the 10 win seasons. You didn’t answer my question about Richt’s record against ranked teams the last 7-8 years or if its unreasonable to expect to win an SEC title every 10 years or so.


      • Well then. I’m only a polite commentator here at GTP just as you are. With that said…we play ’em as we get them right? Who knows where or how strong they are before the season. Richt’s record is what it is.
        H/T to Patin.
        December 4, 2014 at 2:56 PM

        Reposting this.
        Ok lets go to the stats and see what 10 + wins looks like around the SEC.
        Since 2001 (CMR’s first year) These are the 10 win seasons by program thru 2013. UGA will catch LSU if they win the bowl game this year.

        Ole Miss-1

        GT has had 1.

        I am thinking some of those other teams would have been a bit happier with a few more 10 win seasons. Even if it is not a big deal.


  4. Great tune…though if the tenor of the song matched Marriott’s exuberance, my headphones might have exploded. To me his gyrations are like Ben Harper doing the windmill playing slide in his lap.


  5. paul

    Long time ago Steve used to like to drop into Hedges in Buckhead for late night jams. Some good times. Miss him as well.


  6. Will Trane

    Same old songs.
    UF and Nebraska hire HCs. They stirred clear of position or coordinators. Guess both ADs want to play safe. So is that the course.
    Bernie’s Blawg takes point about these hires to say UGA should retain CMR.
    Could Spurrier have done better with Georgia’s roster than CMR? Or Missouri’s coach? Or even a fired Muschamp?
    So did CMR manages team like he should have. Guess 10 wins will be the bar.


  7. Russ

    Senator, did you ever post anything about Bobby Keys passing away? He added a lot of spice to a lot of songs.


  8. Roterhals

    Ok so the mortality part is getting me down, but somebody knows good music. Last week Little Feat and now Faces (and you can’t think about Steve Marriott without thinking about Humble Pie).