“They put Tebow in a urinal.”

As someone who once saw Georgia Tech authorize placing urinal cakes with a bulldog image on them in the toilets at gracious Bobby Dodd Stadium, let me just say that I don’t share the author’s sense of outrage over what some random fan did at the SECCG.

On the other hand, I am highly amused that someone thought this was important enough to let Clay Travis know about it.



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11 responses to ““They put Tebow in a urinal.”

  1. heyberto

    That’s damn funny.. But what I dont understand is why is a Nizzou fan pissed off at Tebow?


  2. Reservoir Dawg

    Genius. Huzzah and well-played, anonymous sir!


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Amazing how Tebow always gets credit for Chris Leak’s 2006 championship.


  4. Ha! What is “SEC fans”? I’m a Georgia fan and I can’t stand tGPOE ™.


  5. JC

    I would’ve been proud and honored to have pissed in that urinal!


  6. Bright Idea

    Mizzou fans pissed that they get no respect pissed on Tebow.


  7. Cojones

    This pissy state of Goody Two-Shoes in the men’s pissery is beginning to piss me off. I’ve aimed at a lot of objects in my life, but aiming at a piece of paper with a Tebow likeness on it in the bottom of a urinal hasn’t occurred nor do I give a flying piss. Now, if he was standing beside urinal Crier in the photo, my aimed pee would have been sharpened and the last muscle functioning in my bladder would have been used to reach that chinless face image. Unfortunately, most of the urine would still end up on my shoes. I’ve learned not to read the graffiti as well. Straining to read small writings such as, “If your bat’s too short, step up to the plate”, take time and ultimately end disastrously, leading to inattentiveness to the business in hand.

    Ta daa! Galoshes or disposable shoe coverings can be attained and worn in public urinals. I never leave home without them. And the wife has discovered why I like walking the dogs in the woods.

    Nowadays there is a small twinge of jealousy felt for homeless men who don’t bother service station owners for the key to their rest room.


  8. AusDawg85

    I read the headline and was a little disappointed so see it was just a picture.


  9. Chuck

    If I had known I’d have bought a ticket just for the pleasure of whizzing on the GPOOE.