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Bu..bu..but Georgia’s loaded!

Far be it from me to get in the way of a comment meme, but I’m not sure how you reconcile the idea that Georgia’s current talent is top-tier with the reality that just one Dawg made the coaches All-SEC first team.  Only UT and Vandy got goose eggs in that department.


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“The most important thing is the happiness of a young person.”

Chip Towers reports that Greg McGarity has gotten his Georgia Tech cohort to see the light about transfers.

Athletic directors Greg McGarity and Mike Bobinski spent quite a bit of time on the phone this week conferring about their schools’ respective transfer policies in light of Green’s decision.

“Mike and I have been in communication and, moving forward, we’re in agreement there should not be any reasons to not grant the wishes of any student-athlete who might want to transfer between our institutions as long as there has been no tampering,” McGarity said…

“He’s in agreement,” McGarity said. “We’ve mostly just been exchanging texts since I became aware of J.J.’s desire to transfer to Tech. I reached out to Mike and wanted to make sure this was going to be a reciprocal agreement we have between institutions and he was in agreement with that.”

If Bobinski has indeed had a change of heart on this matter, McGarity deserves nothing but a pure, unadulterated attaboy for that.  Well played, sir.



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Fabris Invitational Bowl Pool update

All the spreads are posted now, except for the title game, so feel free to jump in any time to make your picks.


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Name that caption, palpable buzz in the air edition

I could be wrong, but this has the look of two guys who would rather be someplace else:

At least somebody got Bert to shave.

Go for it in the comments, peeps.


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All Grantham, all the time?

Gentry Estes gently reminds us that there are actually other things to know about Georgia’s Belk Bowl opponent besides its defensive coordinator.

Considering how the regular season ended, this is something worth watching:

It’s probably best to not throw in the direction of junior safety Gerod Holliman, who is one of three finalists for the Jim Thorpe Award. Holliman has tied an NCAA record this season with a whopping 14 interceptions. By comparison, only 23 teams in the FBS have intercepted more than 14 passes this season. As a team, Louisville is tied for first nationally in interceptions with 25…

On the flip side, the schools had two common opponents this season, Clemson and Kentucky.  Louisville lost to Clemson and barely squeaked by Kentucky at home.  Georgia… didn’t.  Should we be worried about focus?  Too soon?


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“I’m a fan of [an eight-team playoff] but I’m just one guy in the middle of America.”

Nice string of rationalizing from Kansas’ athletic director, topped by this:  “Then we’ll argue about who’s No. 9, but you’d rather argue about whose No. 9 than who’s No. 5.”

Unless it’s your school or conference getting screwed at No. 9, pal.

The whining will never stop.  Only postseason expansion will… eventually, when the money runs out.  But guys like Zengor will worry about that when the time comes and not a minute before.


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You can’t put a price on a good squib kick.

Fortunately for the SEC, it wound up with two schools in access bowls, so Georgia’s loss in the regular season finale didn’t cost the conference anything.

But check out what Georgia Tech’s win means to the ACC.


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ESPN doesn’t go there.

In case you were wondering, the WWL has not assigned Herbstreit to call the Alabama-Ohio State game.

But he will be calling the national title game.  So there’s at least one reason to root for the Tide.


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“We just love throwing a big party.”

Meet Athens, Georgia, home to A River of Booze.

For today’s tailgate, Mr. Bening says, he and Mr. Floyd spent about $2,000 on food and maybe another two or three grand on booze. Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s, and 18 handles of Ketel One vodka. “A whole lotta alcohol,” Mr. Bening says. “We’re down to the last two bottles of Ketel One.”

Looks like I’ve got to seriously step up my tailgate game.


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Raise your hand if…

… on the morning of Sunday, October 5th, you knew that Todd Gurley (94 rushes, 773 yards rushing) would not make the trip to New York for the Heisman ceremony and Nick Chubb (31 carries, 224 yards rushing) would be named first team All-SEC and the SEC Freshman of the Year by the AP.

Yeah, we all saw that coming.  Sure has been a funny season.

Speaking of funny, check out Todd Gurley’s rushing game log.


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