ESPN doesn’t go there.

In case you were wondering, the WWL has not assigned Herbstreit to call the Alabama-Ohio State game.

But he will be calling the national title game.  So there’s at least one reason to root for the Tide.


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21 responses to “ESPN doesn’t go there.

  1. Columbus Dawg

    It could not be any worse than the idiot Eli Gold. I would not root for Alabama to win the Fecies Bowl, much less anything of importance.


  2. Spike

    Is it just me, or does Herbie ever shut up on broadcasts?


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Herbie already did his job last Saturday.

    Pimped Ohio State into the playoff. His work is done.


  4. Spike

    Joy, why don’t you and your Herbie go get a room somewhere.


  5. Godawgsgo

    I will be rooting for Ohio st. To beat Bama by 100!!!


    • Uglydawg

      I hate Ohio State. Grizzard taught us to hate them and I learned the lesson well. It’s not just about football…”It’s about our way of live verses their way of life”. Just one of Russ’ nuts would make a dozen of those worthless buckeye nuts. Big ten football is like “two mules fighting over a turnip”. GoDawgsGo, you need to study the scriptures according to Grizzard.


  6. Marie

    Will NOT root for bammer. Go buckeyes.