“We just love throwing a big party.”

Meet Athens, Georgia, home to A River of Booze.

For today’s tailgate, Mr. Bening says, he and Mr. Floyd spent about $2,000 on food and maybe another two or three grand on booze. Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s, and 18 handles of Ketel One vodka. “A whole lotta alcohol,” Mr. Bening says. “We’re down to the last two bottles of Ketel One.”

Looks like I’ve got to seriously step up my tailgate game.


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25 responses to ““We just love throwing a big party.”

  1. mwo

    I’m glad he could take time away from locking up football players to give this interview. Surely someone is emerging from an alley or not telling the police his middle name. The PD likes all the alcohol use because it is a revenue stream for them.


  2. LorenzoDawgriquez

    It is a serious problem, yet I dream of the day FSU makes Jimmy Williamson an offer he can’t refuse.


  3. I am thankful we survived those years in Athens…..we drank enough on a Football Saturday to float a boat. Well, all but two of us. And Both of them gone….Alcohol is a dangerous thing. May they RIP.😢


  4. Bulldog Joe

    It’s interesting they interviewed the UGA Police Chief and not the ACCPD police chief.

    Driving the parties out of the frat houses and dorms and into the city moved most of the enforcement problem to the ACCPD.

    It would have been interesting to get the ACCPD’s perspective on whether the extra tax revenue is worth all the enforcement problems dumped in their lap by UGA.


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    This article actually caused me to look up the precise definition of yellow journalism, and whaddya know…


  6. paul

    Funny thing though. When I attended Georgia in the late seventies the legal drinking age was 18. We were all legal. And the party scene was all about house parties. I worked at T.K.’s but we never partied there or anywhere in the downtown area for that matter. We were at somebody’s house while the B-52’s cranked out covers. Things change I guess.


    • Bulldog Joe

      We saw enough fights and arrests at the B&L and The Other Place (Mad Hatter) to know the Athens PD had their hands full in those days too.

      They just had fewer places to cover and didn’t have to worry about fake IDs.


    • Times are changing. That area is now an senior day care center. They do some good work there.
      I once played chess with Mooney at Somebody’s Pizza. Watched a group of lady rugby players beat a guy up on TK Harty’s deck for hitting on one of the lady players . When asked by one of the ladies if I had something to say about it I responded with “Nope… not me I’m too sober.” which made them all laugh. Which was a good thing.
      And lastly at the Station I was propositioned by a someone not of the opposite sex in the restroom. I was not naive but that was a first for me. I left quickly explaining that I was already in a relationship with my HS girlfriend. Maybe we both saved face. lol.


    • I dunno man. My era overlaps yours and sometimes it was house (or apartment) parties, sometimes it was a bar thing (especially if just me and some fine young lady), and sometimes it started at one and migrated to the other (which was kinda nice when the migration involved the fine young lady). After all, bars would close a lot sooner than houses or apartments!

      In those days, a cop who lived next door to one of our frequent party hosts would often come over and join the fun.

      I guess us ol’ hound Dawgs are taking this whole “problem” a bit too lightly, aren’t we?


  7. I do not want to think about those nights at the B &L. Why did it only occur to us to go to that place at midnight after a full day of Drinking.?


  8. Normaltown Mike

    Interesting they mention Five Points Bottle Shop and say that putting the ID’s on the wall was not a deterrent. For me and my friends, that place was notoriously unsafe for fake ID’s. As a grown ass man, I get annoyed at how rude the staff is at Five Points bottle about ID’s.

    BTW, can anyone identify that pic at the top of the story? I can’t recognize the bar or even the yellow brick facade.


  9. joe

    No profile on Don Leebern?

    He simultaneously rules over our mediocre athletic department, carries on an adulterous affair that would get every football coach, athletic director or college president in America fired for moral turpitude and gets a cut of every, single bottle of booze that’s mentioned in the article. How can you leave him out?


  10. Holding that kind of control in the palm of his hand, Don Leeburn is the epitome of Greed and Pride.


  11. DugLite

    This story could have been a little shorter.

    Athens, a drinking town with a football problem.