Barry Alvarez must be a lot of fun to work for.

Gary Andersen is leaving Wisconsin for… Oregon State.

Which begs the inevitable question:  think Jeremy Foley’s suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse about now?


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31 responses to “Barry Alvarez must be a lot of fun to work for.

  1. AusDawg85

    Rumor is Delaney and Corch reneged on their agreement to let Whisky win the BIGX next season.


  2. IAmAGurleyMan

    Anderson would have been a massive upgrade over Richt. If guys like that are going to wretched programs like Oregon State, then there’s no doubt we can get a much better coach than the guy we currently have.


  3. siskey

    Haha. Yeah I bet we can at least get the guy at Boise State or some up and comer Assistant from the Big-12. Maybe we can get one of Sumlin or Dana’s guys and really put some points on the board.


  4. This is really shocking.

    What is wrong in Wisconsin? I kinda understood the Bert to Arkansas deal. Even though it is the SEC, it was kinda borderline.

    But from Wisco to Oregon State? Wow. That is just shameful.


    • Mayor

      I wouldn’t read all that much into the Anderson move. Gary Anderson is a West guy. In fact it kind of surprised me that he took the Wisconsin job 2 years ago. He’s from Utah, grew up there, and played at a JC in Idaho and then at BYU. Every university he coached is in the western US except for Wisconsin. I think he just missed the West. The Pacific NW is a really great place. My oldest daughter went to Oregon (yep, she’s a Duck) so I have been out there many times. Corvallis is even nicer than Eugene IMHO. Plus, there isn’t the pressure to win at OSU like at Wisconsin, where the Badgers won 3 Big 10 titles in a row and when they didn’t under Anderson people started going all CMR on him for not winning a 4th. The Wisconsin job got him into a higher pay scale–now it’s time to go back West. FWIW I think Oregon State really got the better in that trade.


  5. SouthGaDawg

    Alvarez is going, “Yes!!! I get to coach in the Outback Bowl. Suh…weet!


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    When you leave Wisconsin for places like Arkansas and Oregon State, you know that you’ve become a dreaded stepping-stone program. Its always been about salaries and lack of commitment from the academically minded brass up there.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wisconsin laid down so OSU could make the playoffs. Andersen is leaving town so the story will go cold.


  8. think about it. you’re working for the most successful corch in wisky history who undoubtedly reminds you on a regular basis of the unrivaled success enjoyed by the Badgers under his tenure.

    Combine that with the Delany cartel who will do most anything to ensure the success of tosu and corch meyers and you are desperately seeking an out on your own terms.

    Run, Gary, run while you can.


  9. BMan

    His first move is to start calling it The Oregon State University. That’ll get the recruiting amped up.


  10. DawgPhan

    I am sure that this is all Alvarez. He doesnt want to pay the assistants any money and now I am sure he will coach the bowl game and pay himself a nice check to do it. Just like he did for the rose bowl.


  11. Go Dawgs!

    Foley? I have to imagine that if this guy was so desperate to leave Wisconsin that he took the Oregon State job, his agent would have contacted Florida and Michigan about their open jobs first.


  12. Meh … it is really that big of a deal? I mean the guy has coached on the West Coast for his entire life save for a stint in LA early and Wisconsin recently. May after a couple of years in Madison, he decided that being on the West Coast was better for the family.