A simple Belk Bowl question

If Bobo and Grantham competed against each other like this in a friggin’ G-Day game, how seriously do you think they’re taking the bowl game?


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  1. soccerdawg

    The thing that stuck out in that article for me was the description of Rumph’s play.. Oh what might/should have been.


  2. @gatriguy

    My completely uninformed gut feeling is this: Grantham thinks Bobo is an unqualified hack that got where is his because of who he married and being a kiss ass to Richt. Bobo thinks Grantham is a know-it-all buffoon that is all sizzle and no steak that made his bones because the scheduling gods smiled on UGA in 2011. Coincidentally, their feels about each other may or may not mirror my own. Should be fun…


  3. Tying into your earlier post, of all the assistant coaches that make more money than Bobo, you know the margin between his and Grantham’s salaries has to be the one that sticks in Bobo’s craw the most. Light ’em up, Mike!


  4. At the end of the game, one of these guys will be saying this:


  5. JoshG

    Wheel route.


  6. Dawg19

    “He used his time outs on the Black team’s last series of the first half and was rewarded with a touchdown.”

    Well, Grantham does have an advantage in one area.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    I expect Franklin/Grantham antics BEFORE the game.


    • @gatriguy

      I just wish someone would start leaking some dirt. I’m 100% convinced the 2013 defense was culturally far worse than we still even know, and I suspect it grew because of Grantham’s attitude/leadership style.

      I also believe that there was serious dislike between the offensive and defensive coaches last year.


      • Dawgfan Will

        As do I, which is one of the reasons I don’t buy the whole “Richt was willing to keep Grantham around and was saved by Louisville” line of thinking.


  8. my guess is Bobo intentionally gets in 3rd and long situations all day


  9. Coondawg

    Senator, what hurts reading over that post from 2013 was your comment about Rumph. I saw the same thing with him. I thought the kid had amazing talent and would have showed out this year.


  10. PTC DAWG

    I’ll tell you the truth, I hope the team/coaches are more excited about this game than me. I can’t get worked up either way about this game. IF we don’t win the East nor beat GT, what is left, other than stale leftovers?

    Are ties on sale?

    Are tickets needed? Or can one just walk in.


  11. fred russo

    There is no way I put money on UGA with Reich there!


  12. DugLite

    I want UGA to beat them so bad that Grantham goes to Richt after the game with some choice words and Pruitt chop blocks him. Them Pruitt looks at Grantham and says that’s defense biatch!!!


  13. FYI Senator, Chuck Oliver mentioned this blog today on 680–specifically the observations you made on G-Day game between Grantham and Bobo. Gave you props for a great blog. Said he didn’t know who you were other than you were a lawyer or something. I wouldn’t take that personally. 😉