When Bill Hancock moves his lips.

You want something close to a guarantee that the college football playoffs will expand to eight teams, and sooner than later?  That’s easy.

So cue the questions about whether that will soon expand to eight schools.

“This is not going to change,” insisted Bill Hancock, the executive director of the CFP.

Hancock listed similar concerns about an eight-team playoff as college officials used to voice about the four-team model: the academic calendar, maintaining the importance of the regular season, protecting the other bowls.

The great thing is that nobody takes his protestations seriously any more.  Dude’s got to be one shitty poker player.



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2 responses to “When Bill Hancock moves his lips.

  1. FCDore

    Let’s see, you have two semifinal bowls selected by the playoff committee, and four other bowls with matchups selected by the committee. Wait a minute, how many high-profile bowls would you need to have a quarterfinal round? I’d be all for replacing conference championship games with a quarterfinal round: I bet the net money gain would be positive for the conferences.


  2. AusDawg85

    Looking forward to a deserving 8 – 4 conference winner being in the playoff.