My dream Belk Bowl scenario

It’s never gonna happen, but I’d love to see Georgia hang half a hundred quickly enough that Brice Ramsey plays the entire fourth quarter, and after the game Mike Bobo lays out a perfect crack about somebody’s backbone.


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14 responses to “My dream Belk Bowl scenario

  1. My dream scenario is that Georgia wins the game. I’ll be completely happy no matter what the score.


  2. HahiraDawg

    How can you have a “dream scenario” without a beautifully executed wheel route?
    I’d also love to see him talk smack to D Swann just before he makes a pick 6.


  3. Rex

    I’d love to see Georgia take a knee on every first and second down just so Louisville would be at their weakest.


  4. Senator, is this an early lean in your pick? I mean do you think we will/can/will blow them out, assuming we show up focused? I want to think this but just ain’t so sure…


  5. Brandon

    I’d like us to be down 5 with under 20 seconds remaining on our own 1 with 3rd and goal and Hutson hit a wide open Conley for the game winning 99 yard strike


    • BMan

      Make it down 6, so that the kicker can look to Grantham and give him a choke sign before winning it with an extra point.


  6. Bright Idea

    I expect lots of rumbling and chippiness in this game. Expect Louisville to bait some of our guys into an ejection or cheap penalty.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wonder if Bobbie and Grantham will ride they Harleys to Charlotte…nice little ride there although a little chilly…course if you got a little chippy warming yer back there….

    Is it true towel boy was really covering Grantham so’s nobody would see him texting the girl in the stands?


    • AusDawg85

      Wish someone would rig CTG’s headset so Bobo can talk to him during the game. “Tooodddddd…I can see over the towel! Tooooddddd….I’m gonna run the wheel route now! Tooodddd…your guys are flapping arms, can’t you get the play called? Want me to slow down?”


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Doubt it would matter, any success by Bobo’s offense would be Grantham’s playas fault…they did not follow the plan.