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Friday morning buffet

Here comes the weekend… but first, a little nosh.

  • Expanding the CFB playoffs is so obvious, even Dennis Dodd sees it coming.
  • Speaking of obvious, Paul Chryst appears to be Barry Alvarez’ new man at Wisconsin.
  • Marcus Mariota had a pretty good day yesterday.
  • Now here’s a shocking development.
  • At Central Florida, nearly half of its $41 million in 2013 sports revenues came out of students’ pockets.  At least they weren’t charged to attend games.
  • At Kentucky, knowledge is good “… about 20 percent of players picked undergraduate studies, 18 percent picked community leadership and development and 16 percent chose kinesiology.”
  • Jim Delany’s noblesse oblige.
  • Three Georgia players made the freshman All-SEC team.
  • Georgia isn’t looking for a new head coach, but you might want to take this test just for kicks, anyway.  Don’t cheat!


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Name that caption, awkward! edition

These dudes look like they’d rather be doing just about anything else.

Saban clearly needs to add somebody to his support staff who can show people how to smile.

As always, have at it in the comments.


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