Speaking of business decisions…

As a complement to my last post, consider this:

Now, which do you think is a better incentive to keep kids in school, the NFL wagging a finger at their dreams, or receiving enough money while enrolled to make staying in college easier?


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  1. As a corollary to your parting question, I think most of these kids know they’ll get a shot as an undrafted free agent even if they’re not drafted. The sad thing is, from a financial perspective, that’s still probably a better move (short term, and presuming the college will let them come back later to get their degree) for them than staying in school.


    • AlphaDawg

      How so? There is no guaranteed money there. They only make decent $$ if they are signed to a contract, even then very little is guaranteed. UFA may get a couple $k as a signing bonus if they get a contract. If they don’t but make the practice squad they get make around $80k a year if they stay on a practice squad for all 16 weeks of the seasons.


  2. AusDawg85

    Must be economic reasons why the NFL doesn’t go to the baseball model and permit drafting rights for, say any 3rd year college player (so RS Soph or true Junior) but then let them stay in school until graduation and its currently a violation of NCAA rules. Again, there must be reasons for this…I just can’t figure out what they are.


  3. Keese

    I think pride and perceived fortune is what appeals to most underclassmen.