What you get when Jimmy Sexton is your agent.

Mind you, that’s not for winning it, just for getting to Atlanta.  Well played, Mr. Sexton.

Though I doubt anyone at Ole Miss would begrudge the extra mil a year if that came to be.

Some of you need to remind me again about how you’d restructure Mark Richt’s contract.


UPDATE:  Freeze’s pay before the trip to Atlanta is bumped to $4.3 million/year.  That is

… tied with Penn State’s James Franklin, and fourth among SEC coaches, behind only Alabama’s Nick Saban ($7.16 million), Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin ($5 million) and LSU’s Les Miles ($4.37 million).


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11 responses to “What you get when Jimmy Sexton is your agent.

  1. David K

    What do Ole Miss, Vandy, Kentucky, and I guess Texas A&M have in common?

    Ole Miss missed their window during the Dubose, Francione, Shula years.


  2. playmakers in space

    To be fair, though, it’s a hell of a lot harder to make it to Atlanta with Ole Miss in a currently loaded SEC West than it is with Georgia in a currently lousy SEC East.

    Richt and company are still going to get raises for sure.


    • Mg4life0331

      Ain’t that the truth. The East flat out sucked this year.


      • siskey

        Georgia would have beat Ole Miss this year, or last year or the year before.


        • sUGArdaddy

          Dead on, siskey. It’s so hard to tell. Bama played UT and Florida, 2 of our worst teams. Miss. St. played our two worst, Vandy and UK. Ole Miss played 2 of our worst, Vandy and UT. We played their number 3 or 4 and worst teams, Auburn & Arky. Mizzou played their two worst, Arky and A&M. I’m not convinced they West was THAT much better than the East. Better, but not by what people think.


  3. paul

    Hey, I’m one of the folks that is seriously disappointed in our current season. Heck, I’ve been pretty pessimistic about how we’ve played more than once in the recent past. I question whether or not we’re really learning anything and wonder why we can’t seem to get over the hump. If you’ve been here at all the past few years you know this. Having said that, I find it borderline criminal what Richt and Bobo get paid. Perhaps they actually don’t want more and may not even ask for more. But McGarity ought to at least offer it to them and let them decline. A good boss knows who his top performers are and is proactive about keeping them happy. Despite any misgivings I or anyone else may have about Richt or Bobo, the statistics tell us they are two of the best UGA has ever had. Pay them. The athletic department is swimming in cash due in large part to their performance. Pay them.


  4. JCDAWG83

    If Richt were to hint at wanting more money, McGarity could simply hint at some sort of accountability for results and that would send Richt scurrying back to his office. Richt gets paid plenty for the quality of the job he does.


  5. Russ

    Once the NCAA takes away Ole Miss’ recruiting “incentives”, they won’t be landing those 5 star flips from other schools and will be back to normal.


  6. Will

    Odd, I thought Les had a stipulation in his contract that meant he could never be less than the 2nd highest paid coach in conference. Did that go away?